Simulating Flights Of Fancy With Wedding Crashing Naked Peaches

Yesterday, I suspended my tale of how to turn a six or seven hour drive into a two day drive to feed a giant puppy. If you are just now joining this tale, the previous sentence may have led you to believe that the purpose of the two day drive was to feed a giant puppy when, in fact, it was to attend a wedding of some relative of a friend of mine but I suspended the telling of the tale so I could read on >>

Wordy Wordsmith And The Embedded Parenthetical Confederate Nuclear Missile

A map of our route – looks pretty easy.

On the road again, well, not yet, on the road, that is, but a road trip is in my future and plans are being made. We plan on seeing the ¬†world’s largest peanut monument, the Crime and Punishment Museum, the Confederate Nuclear Missile, the home of the American Camellia Society and Waddell Barnes Botanical Garden. We need to break up a six hour or so drive to hot ‘lanta as they used to say though read on >>