Singing Towers, Flowers And Winey Bus Trips With Pictures With Captions, Oh My!

So it’s been quite awhile since last I took you on a photo journey of the day in a life sort. As you may recall, my last few photo posts were filled with slightly out of focus pictures and my musings as to whether it was the camera or the operator. I am happy to report that I came to the conclusion that since it was a fully automatic camera with no means of manually focusing said camera, the out of focusness (which may not be a real word, but it sounds like it should be, at least to me) was not a result of operator inability.

Happily, unless you are a fan of slightly out of focus pictures, read on >>

Getting Hung Up On Metaphorical Left Turns To A Nuclear Missile

It seems like it’s been a month since I’ve written anything except a grocery list but it really hasn’t been a month even though the last thing I wrote that wasn’t a grocery list was last month but I wrote it on the last day of the month so it’s really been just a week and so much has happened in that week. Days came and went and I went and came to Atlanta and then home and now I’m in someone else’s home until next week taking care of their sweet puppy who weighs in at roughly sixty pounds which is more than half of what I weigh in at when I bother to weigh in though there aren’t read on >>

Then Along Came The Dawn

It’s always darkest before the dawn, or at least that’s what everyone says. But no one ever asks why is it always darkest before the dawn, until now, or last night to get technical. And he asked the question as if he expected me to answer it. So I did.

“Because it’s still night.” And that’s when read on >>

California Dreaming

Well, I just finished reading my backlog of email which consisted of the various blogs I follow. I still have today’s posts to read, but I need to take a break for a bit of typing, followed by food and wine though not necessarily in that order.  I wouldn’t have made such quick progress except that my afternoon plans fell through.

But my brain isn’t quite up to being witty or funny or much of anything, so I thought I’d share a few photos from my California adventure.