Another 50th Milestone *Sigh*

This is my 50th post. It sounds like quite a bit of typing, but if I had been posting once a day, I would have passed 50 a couple of months ago. I am less than prolific.  When I started blogging, I didn’t have a plan and I am still planless though not entirely clueless. The cluelessness comes and goes.

I’m gearing up for my California trip. By gearing up, I mean I’m doing laundry so I can pack. I’m leaving on a jet plane tomorrow to do some California dreaming or whatever it is they do in California. Yes, Brainrants, I do have a plan and a map to Taco Tia’s and In-N-Out Burger.  I will probably execute said plan with less than military precision but burritos and burgers will be consumed.

Someone asked me yesterday if this upcoming trip was a vacation. Do unemployed people take vacations? I always thought of a vacation as a break from work. Since I don’t work, it’s not so much a vacation as not working in a different locale. Of course, some of you might question why I would be traveling when I am living on savings.  As my friend, Gwen, likes to point out to me when I’m feeling a bit anxious about my long term financial situation, “You could die tomorrow.”

Exactly. I could die tomorrow or live to be 100. It makes long term financial planning a bit of a crapshoot. I did what I could when I worked to save and invest. I’m far better off than many of my unemployed compatriots. I don’t live extravagantly, so an occasional trip to somewhere not here is good for my soul, or perhaps just my mental health.

From time to time I try to be a bit more prolific with the blogging, and occasionally I’ll go for a few days and post every day. And then I’ll go for days without posting or even commenting. I’m in awe of those who post every day. You inspire me and intimidate me. I know Edward Hotspur said in one of his blogs or comments, that you should write and post what you write without doing much editing. Post it even if you think it’s crap. I’m paraphrasing, I’m sure he was more eloquent. This is difficult for me. While not everything I’ve posted has been brilliant or great, I want to believe it was good.

I started out well. Friends were reading my blog. Then I posted Finding Pretend Love on Craigslist. I received the most comments I had received on a post, plus several emails and phone calls all saying that was my best one. I was happy and a little freaked. A month into blogging, I had peaked with my 16th post.  Looking back, it may have been my best post, though I also liked The Plight of the Zucchini post, and my personal favorite is one of my poems, Despair.

I’m listening to Led Zeppelin right now and it makes it difficult to type because I want to type in time to the music – Whole Lotta Love.  Ah, now on to the next song on the list and it is a bit easier to type to – a little Aynsley Lister.

Okay, back to blogging, or writing about blogging. That is what I am trying to do in between phone calls, folding laundry and getting pizza dough into a pan, then toppings on it and into the oven. Dinner will be ready soon.  I think I need a beer. Be back in a sec

Ah, that’s better. What surprised me about blogging was that none of my friends have subscribed to my blog. The other thing that surprised me is that I do have subscribers. Special shout out to John at Trask Avenue. He was my first – subscriber, that is.  He writes beautifully and takes great photographs.  H.E.Ellis or Hellis as her blog friends  like to call her, was my second. She’s awesome and always supportive and encouraging to her follow bloggers. She also wrote a book which I downloaded for the plane ride, but I read the first chapter of The Gods of Asphalt yesterday and it is terrific. You should all buy her book.

I’m not going to mention all 24 of my subscribers, but I do appreciate each and everyone of you.  Kayjai and the aforementioned Edward Hotspur were also early subscribers. They are always encouraging with their comments.  That is the wonderful side of blogging – the positive feedback and camaraderie from my fellow bloggers.

I also want to thank Carol, Deb, Jean and DJ. These friends have been encouraging and supportive in so many ways. I know I don’t say it enough, but I do love and appreciate you very much.

Another Led Zeppelin song is playing, appropriately enough,  Babe I’m Gonna Leave You, and the pizza is ready, so time to sign off. I’ll be blogging again, but probably not until I get back from California as I travel sans laptop.

Oh yeah, this 50th milestone was much easier than the other 50th milestone I celebrated four years ago. That one sucked.