Hello Is My Name Tag

I’ve been tagged once again. This time by Edward Hotspur. I don’t always respond to blog games and awards in a timely fashion or at all except when I do, so I am. Without further ado, let the games begin and the odds be ever in my favor.

What do you regret having done? Reading the read on >>

Right Boob Escapes During Tango

Yesterday, I made a trip to the big city to lunch with a couple of guys from my former life as an employed person, then to my hair appointment, followed by dinner with three of my salsa girlfriends.

I decided to wear a bright pink sundress.  Sundresses are just about the coolest thing to wear in a Florida summer which typically begins in early May and can run into October. This particular dress features a crocheted back which tapers down just below my waist and a very low cut front. I’m not quite sure I have the boobs to pull this off. Mine are a bit on the small side, but still perky after all these years.  My friend, Brian, once remarked upon seeing me in this dress that it was a kick ass sexy dress and I looked hot.

The day was fun – lots of laughter and hugs from friends I don’t often see. At dinner, Zheila said she was heading to Simone’s for a mini milonga. Simone had recently started teaching a beginner’s tango class on Thursday nights, followed by a mini milonga so students can practice their steps.

About the time of my job loss a couple of years ago, I had begun taking Argentine tango lessons. I was enchanted by the tango. This is a strong, yet sensual dance where the two dancers really do move as one, each becoming an extension of the other. The dance moves around the floor in what is called the line of dance and when I dance tango, I am so in the moment, that I am only aware of my partner and the music. To be led by a strong tanguero is a feeling like no other.

I decided to drop by the milonga before making the long drive home. It was wonderful to see Simone, Eric, Jerry and several other friends I hadn’t seen in quite a while. The job loss had forced a move out of the area thus ending my tango lessons after just a couple of months. I told Jerry that I hadn’t danced tango in over a year but I still remembered a few basic steps. He said, “Well, let’s see what you remember.”

When we began to dance, I was a wee bit concerned about my shoes. Not realizing I might be dancing later, I hadn’t brought proper dance shoes. I was wearing wedge sandals. For the woman, much of the tango moves backwards and I didn’t want to dance out of my shoes.

As we were dancing, I noticed that as we passed a couple sitting by the window,  Jerry would pull me in quite close. This is not unusual in the tango. He then smiled and said, “I’m not sure how to put this but you’re flashing a bit more than you should be.”

I looked down to see my right boob had escaped the confines of my dress. I laughed and nonchalantly tucked it back in and we continued our dance. Jerry laughed and said, “I was trying to shield you from the others as I debated with myself whether I should tell you about it or just steal a few more glances.”

As we continued to dance, I felt my dress starting to move. I laughed and said, “Is this the move that caused the problem?”

“Yes, I was trying to see if I could get it to pop out again,” he laughed.

The music ended and as we walked off the floor, Jerry looked over at me with a twinkle in his eye, smiled and said, “That was the most exciting tango I’ve ever danced.”