Thumbelina To Spare Ernest From Decades Of Wordiness

Some of you may remember that way back in September or there abouts, I volunteered to update the tale of Thumbelina for H.E.’s F*cked Up Fairy Tales project. It was due no later than April 1st and in keeping with my procrastinating nature I finally sat down in earnest, but not with Ernest as I don’t know anyone named Ernest, the last week of March to write my story and then emailed my tale on March 29th with a whole day to spare which is like a month early to normal non-procrastinating types.

I was a bit nervous about it as I had not written a short story since high school and that was decades ago. It is now up on her blog and you can read it there. It is a bit wordier than my normal wordiness, but I think it is a quick read. I’d love to know what you think so you can comment there or here though there is probably more convenient. Hope you click over there and check it out!

A Conversation I Never Had

Writer’s note – This is a snippet of conversation that tells a story. It may or may not be autobiographical in nature or perhaps just parts are autobiographical, but I do have a rich fantasy life so it can sometimes be hard to separate the real from the surreal. It’s not like separating eggs. The humor portion of this post is now over as the rest is a little different than what I normally post. I’m exploring boundaries or, well, let’s just go with the boundary exploration¬†explanation. Think of it as my gift to you, though I thought about you when I gave a goat. That’s not some euphemism. I gave a goat read on >>