So-so Challenge To Yourself Yields Satisfying Niblets Of Excitement

This is day three of the 30 Day Challenge where I tackle another question from the list. Today I will be answering Question 26 – Things you like and dislike about yourself. Once again this is neither a question nor a statement. Now the word question never appears on the 30 Day Challenge so you may be wondering why I call them questions. I have no idea except read on >>

Feisty Weeds Influence Garden To Go Down The Spiral Path

Speaking of awards, here’s one I didn’t get. The Booker Award. I know I didn’t get it because my friend Elyse over at FiftyFourandaHalf just got it and didn’t pass it on to me! The one award I think I would really like, and I don’t get it. What’s up with that? And this award comes with a cool slogan, “For those who refuse to live in the real world.” That is so me, or the me I would like to be. Now, I’m sure she picked read on >>