Randy French Rush To Be Risqué

So I think it’s been a little while since last I recounted my latest comings and goings. I have since come and gone and come again which sounds just a little dirty. Though I really don’t like the word ‘dirty’ here. I know what it means. I just don’t like to think of sex as being dirty because it isn’t. I think a better word to embody the randiness of the thought would be risqué. The French always have the right word read on >>

Rush To Experience Climaxes A Greater Challenge For Angels

Long ago and far away, a diminutive blogger started a 30 Day Challenge. I believe we have arrived at Day Four though Day Three was a couple of weeks ago. As I recall, the 30 Day Challenge did not specifically require the challenge be completed in 30 sequential days which is good because I’m not that committed to write everyday.  I know. I know. All you writers and writer wannabes read on >>