Assuming The Position

I’m about three weeks into my latest fitness challenge. The challenge is staying with it. I’m great at starting to workout, but usually by week three or four, the enthusiasm wanes and my workouts get less frequent and then non-existent. A few weeks or months will go by and I’ll begin again.

So far, I’m still good with the motivation, but read on>>

It’s Official – I’m One Of The Guys

Three Sisters Springs - photo from Florida Fish & Wildlife Service

I survived today’s kayak trip. It was my first kayak trip this year and for the first time, I was the only female in our little party. Randy, Glen, Mark and I set off from Hunter’s Spring park and paddled out into King’s Bay then headed up to Three Sisters Springs.

Beautiful Three Sisters Springs can only be accessed by read on >>

Relay For Life – Walking For A Cause

Last year I was a last minute recruit for a Relay For Life team. The team had numerous open slots, most of them during the hours of 11 p.m. and 5 a.m., and they wanted to keep someone from their team on the track at all times. My chronic insomnia and ability to walk for hours on end made me the perfect choice.

I didn’t keep track of the laps I walked, but I was read on>>

Trifecta Challenge – Lost

Walking along the beach, their footprints fading in the incoming waves, he wanted to win her over.

“Don’t you believe in God?”

“I believe in people.”

“But people can disappoint.”

“So can God.”


My 33 words for this weekend’s Trifecta challenge to write a story entitled ‘Lost’ in exactly 33 words. The word ‘lost’ can only appear in the title, not the 33 words. Any reference to the TV show could result in another visit to see the editors in the Trifecta offices.