Every Day Should Be Devoted To Love

Happy Day Of Crass Commercialism Devoted To Making You Feel Compelled To Spend Money You May Not Have To Demonstrate Your Love For Someone Who Should Already Be Aware Of Your Love That A Corporation Named After A Third Rate Saint! Granted that is a little long to put on a card and my apologies to St. Valentine. I really have no idea if there is some sort of hierarchy of saints which would make my assessment of third rate accurate.

I have always been bothered by Valentine’s Day or Valentime’s Day as some are wont to say. (I don’t get to use wont nearly enough.) And it’s not just me. Most people read on >>

So-so Challenge To Yourself Yields Satisfying Niblets Of Excitement

This is day three of the 30 Day Challenge where I tackle another question from the list. Today I will be answering Question 26 – Things you like and dislike about yourself. Once again this is neither a question nor a statement. Now the word question never appears on the 30 Day Challenge so you may be wondering why I call them questions. I have no idea except read on >>

The Exhilarating Challenge Of Low Expectations

There is this 30 Day Challenge going around. It started with Benzeknees and I wondered if I should jump in. Then Edward Hotspur chimed in as did Lizzie. So again I wondered if I should jump in and then I stopped wondering and started to write. This is me jumping in. The previously mentioned bloggers answered the 30 questions briefly and took only one or two posts to answer all of the questions. Clearly, they are not short on ideas for future posts. Alas, I am. Short, that is, and read on >>

James Hiding Philosophy Notes In Pity Party Dress Taken For Joyce

[Writer’s note – The persons portrayed in this piece may be real or they may be figments of my imagination, though truth usually can be found somewhere in the middle unless truth is standing on the outside looking in or hiding in plain sight which is not only truth’s usual hiding place, but also the last place we look. However, in the cases where they might be representative of actual persons, names have read on ..