Photos Of Bird On The Run Astound The Slightly Senile

So I have taken a break from the shoveling of dirt to take care of an elderly, blind, incontinent and slightly senile cocker spaniel for a few days. I brought my camera with me though I’ll spare you the pictures of Chief who is the elderly, blind, incontinent and slightly senile cocker spaniel. Instead, I will astound you with my budding nature photographic skills, though ‘astound’ may be overstating your reaction to my bird pictures.

The elderly cocker spaniel lives in a lovely home on ski lake read on>>

Challenge By AKC Thwarted Pet’s Dream Of Being A Peeve

Yesterday, I accepted the 30 Day Challenge and answered a question about nothing. The question wasn’t about nothing, but my answer was, or more specifically, it was about expecting nothing. There is a difference between nothingness and expecting nothing. If my previous post had been about nothingness, read on >>