Another Day That Was In Pictures With Captions

It’s time once again, to let my inner photojournalist out. Actually, she was outed a few days ago, so now it’s time for my inner photo editor to step in and compile a good story of last Saturday’s kayak outing from the 126 photos I took.  I must warn you that some of these pictures are so astonishing they may hurt your eyes. read on >>

Divine Imagination Definitely Used In Downstream Dreaming

So I have had an interesting past couple of days. I was going to calculate the number of hours it has been and use that instead of ‘couple of days’ but that was too taxing on my brain. But now that I think about it, it hasn’t even been 48 hours yet. I haven’t had much sleep. I think the last night I slept well was Tuesday, although it could have been Monday. Operating on just two or three read on >>

Pirate Talk More Interesting When Wet

So since last I wrote, much has happened. Some of it may have happened before I last wrote, the rest of it happened since last I wrote and all of that adds up to much but not too much. In telling my tale of what has been, I may not stay to a strict linear timeline. It’s not that I can’t remember the exact timeline, but that would be too planned and I would rather have my thoughts, and thus my writing, be more extemporaneous. So if you’re feeling extemporaneous, and who isn’t, let’s read on >>

Research Kayak Dream Trip To Vegas Without Quotations

I was going to write this post this past Sunday morning and call it the Weekend Update, but then it became Sunday night and I still had thoughts of writing a post but the title would then be the Weekend Wrap Up because I was going to tell you about all the cool and fun things I did over the weekend. But now it’s Tuesday afternoon and by the time some of you read this, it will be Wednesday or maybe Thursday so having weekend in the title seemed dated. Plus, now I can read on >>

It’s Official – I’m One Of The Guys

Three Sisters Springs - photo from Florida Fish & Wildlife Service

I survived today’s kayak trip. It was my first kayak trip this year and for the first time, I was the only female in our little party. Randy, Glen, Mark and I set off from Hunter’s Spring park and paddled out into King’s Bay then headed up to Three Sisters Springs.

Beautiful Three Sisters Springs can only be accessed by read on >>