There, Their, They’re Not The Same

No, they’re not, but they are often confused.  I wonder if the confusion is the result of apathetic laziness or ignorance.  Or perhaps, it is a case of fingers doing their own thing when the synapses from the brain fail to clearly transmit the mind’s intent.

Why just the other day my fingers betrayed my brain. I left a witty comment on MU’s Barbie blog. To be clear her blog is not always about Barbie, but this post was about seeing Barbie in a new photographic light and the read on >>

Assuming The Position

I’m about three weeks into my latest fitness challenge. The challenge is staying with it. I’m great at starting to workout, but usually by week three or four, the enthusiasm wanes and my workouts get less frequent and then non-existent. A few weeks or months will go by and I’ll begin again.

So far, I’m still good with the motivation, but read on>>