This Explains Why I Don’t Have a Tattoo

So one week, three major changes to the look of the site and numerous minor changes to the sidebar, this would be why I’ll never have a tattoo.  A tattoo requires commitment or possibly apathy after the fact. I’ve changed my hairstyle and hair color so many times over my life I’ve lost count. I wouldn’t be able to do that with a tattoo. I’d be stuck with it.

Now you may be thinking, but you have pierced ears – that’s permanent. Well, duh, it is permanent, but I don’t have to wear the same earrings everyday. The fact that I tend to wear the same ones everyday is more a result of laziness. I sleep in them and only take them out to clean them or when I know I’m going to the beach or a third world country.  And I can and do occasionally wear different earrings.

Of course, there is not just the what should the tattoo be question to resolve, but the where should it be located question. I would probably tend towards a location not easily visible to most people, but then if no one can see it, why have it? Do people get tattoos for themselves or to impress others?

I’m quite fascinated by tattoos as anyone I’ve ever met with a tattoo can probably attest. I’ll stare at the tattoo. I pepper them with questions – Did it hurt? How long did it take? Why did you pick that? 

One guy had this weird geometric design tattooed around his bicep. I asked him what it was.

“It’s tribal,“ he replied.

I couldn’t resist. “What tribe do you belong to?”

He laughed, just a little. No one had ever asked him that before, which might explain why he didn’t have an answer.