Planning to Plan

When I began my blogging adventure almost four months ago, I didn’t really have a plan, which isn’t too surprising as I haven’t had much of a plan for most of my life. I sometimes wonder how my life would have turned out if I had been more of a planner.  Although having a plan, doesn’t guarantee the outcome you plan on achieving. Sometimes plans don’t work out and you have to scrap those plans and start over with another plan. So why plan? I don’t have an answer to that question which is probably why I’m not big on planning.

This is not to say I never make plans. I plan on going to Orlando this weekend to spend a couple of days with my cousin. I have no idea what we may do while I’m there, but I do plan on being there.  I plan on going to the movies tomorrow with my movie friend, Jean. This is not so much a plan as it is a ritual. We go to the movies almost every Tuesday, because Tuesday is dollar popcorn day. The price went up to two dollars at the beginning of the year, but we still call it dollar popcorn day.

I plan on flying to California in a couple of weeks, though what I will really do is get on a plane that someone far more capable than me will fly to California.  There is a general plan for what we will do while we’re in California, but this is more the result of Jennifer’s planning. I’m along for the ride, so to speak. I did tell her that we need to visit Taco Tia’s and In-N-Out Burger because Brainrants told me they have the best burritos and burgers around. I’ve been consulting maps and Google. The In-N-Out Burger should be easy as they seem to be everywhere, but the Taco Tia’s will be more like a mission.

I often travel with people who like to have most of the trip planned out. I’m good with that, though I’m also good with traveling without a plan.  I spent four days in Paris without a plan, but we managed to see quite a bit of the city. Same thing happened in Venice – no plan, buts lots of walking and discovering hidden little places away from the crowds and off the beaten track.  My second week in Australia had no plan from the moment we landed in Cairns until we left Kangaroo Island, yet we managed to snorkel along the Great Barrier Reef, go bird watching on the Daintree River, climb Ayers Rock and feed fruit to orphaned bats.

It’s best to be flexible when traveling as plans often go astray. About the only thing that really makes me a little crazy when traveling is missing a connecting flight, especially overnight flights to Europe. Been there, done that, and waiting around an airport for 24 hours is not that much fun. The upside was we ended up in first class for the flight to London because those were the only seats available on any flight. That part was nice and made missing a whole day of a trip more bearable.  So things usually work out with or without a plan.

I think having a regular job makes people think they have a plan because they do have to show up for their job and get things done. It may not be the job they planned on having, but once they have it, they stay because it’s better than they thought or it’s easier to stay than to make a plan to leave and get another job.

Somehow, I got off on a tangent. This is not what I planned on writing when I began this post. I really planned on writing about…..oh, who am I kidding? I didn’t have a plan when I sat down to write this or when I started this blog. I’m really not much for planning unless it’s planning to make plans, though I usually procrastinate and the plan for a plan never gets very far. Someday I may have a plan, but I’ll probably need a plan for that.