Cheese Distraught That Food Court Sentences Butter To Jail

I don’t know if you’ve been spending much time around conservatives lately, but they’re a glum lot. It’s as if they just found out their favorite hunting dog was run over by a Prius driving transgender vegan. I’m not quite sure how to console them, the conservatives, not the Prius driving transgender vegan though I’m sure he or she would be distraught about running over a dog.  So when my conservative friends read on >>

Do Brownies Count as Survival Food?

My kitchen smells of praline cookies. I’m always amazed that the combination of a few ingredients – flour, brown sugar, eggs and nuts – that don’t have much in the way of scent on their own, can smell so delicious when combined with a bit of heat in the oven.

I’m famous among my friends for my praline cookies. I have made them so often, I haven’t looked at the recipe in years. Friends ask for the recipe and they’re surprised when I begin to recite it on the spot. Lanna tells me I shouldn’t reveal signature recipes. Her thought being they lose the specialness if everyone knows how to make them. I disagree. I think favorite recipes, like favorite books, should be shared.

I’m having lunch with a couple of guys I used to work with tomorrow. They love my praline cookies. At Christmas, I would bring in plates of cookies and deliver them to the different departments of the dealership. Not long after making my deliveries, I would receive a phone call from Heide, “Chris and Denny are fighting over your cookies.” Tomorrow, they won’t have to fight over them, they’ll each get their own little bag of cookies.

Before the praline cookies hit the oven, I made a batch of brownies. All of this baking was brought on by an email exchange this morning.

My friend, Gwen, invited me to go scalloping on Friday and asked if I had a mask, snorkel and saltwater fishing license. I responded that I have all three. I then asked if there was anything I could bring in the way of food or drink. Her reply was “Yes, survival food. You never know what might happen. We will have water.”

Upon reading “survival food,” my first thought was brownies! I know I can’t survive long without chocolate, not sure I would even want to. So my afternoon of baking began, and as I was mixing the ingredients for the brownies, I remembered how much Chris and Denny liked my praline cookies and decided to bake a batch to surprise them.

So now, I just need to limit my sampling of the finished products which should be easy since I got to lick the spoon and bowls after the baking was done. Yeah, yeah – I know I’m not suppose to be ingesting raw eggs, but I’ve licked spoons, beaters and bowls of batter since I was a kid and if it happens to kill me one day, at least I’ll die happy.