Hobson’s Choice Is No Choice At All (Daily Post Prompt Edition)

Today’s daily prompt is the following question:

If you had to choose between being able to write a blog (but not read others’) and being able to read others’ blogs (but not write your own), which would you pick? Why?

Write my own. Not a moment’s hesitation in those three words. I may not be the most prolific blogger and even without this blog, I would still write in old spiral notebooks and on those yellow legal pads. But blogging allows others to read my words and get a glimpse into my mind. It allows me, a quiet, shy person who can easily fade into the background a chance to let the me I know I can be out to play.

That’s not to say, I don’t enjoy reading other blogs because I do. I have read some amazing prose and poetry and glimpsed some incredible photographs. I have been moved to tears, laughed out loud and learned much from the various blogs I have visited. However, there are other things to read. Anyone remember books?


This is a response to the Daily Post Daily Prompt, though I am not a daily poster but I did post today.

Sexiest Man Consumed Pecan Wine For Early Morning Tap Dance

Today is the day that some people feel compelled to write a post expressing their gratitude over all the things for which they are grateful. Since I didn’t write such a post last year that I could simply reblog (not that I’ve seen anyone do that today), I’ve been thinking about the things for which I’m grateful which got me thinking read on >>

Randy French Rush To Be Risqué

So I think it’s been a little while since last I recounted my latest comings and goings. I have since come and gone and come again which sounds just a little dirty. Though I really don’t like the word ‘dirty’ here. I know what it means. I just don’t like to think of sex as being dirty because it isn’t. I think a better word to embody the randiness of the thought would be risqué. The French always have the right word read on >>

I Hope They Bring Me A Souvenir

I write because the words requested a vacation from my brain. I tried to tell them every computer screen looks the same but they wanted to see for themselves. And off they went.


Since I am always at a loss for words when asked why I write, this answer to Trifecta’s weekend challenge was truly a challenge. I was tempted to write ‘I don’t know.’ eleven times, but then those 33 words showed up and asked for their places on the screen.

One of my most loved comic strips and some how it seemed appropriate. Even though it was written decades ago, Calvin & Hobbes is timelessly funny and you can read it at Gocomics.com.

Rush To Experience Climaxes A Greater Challenge For Angels

Long ago and far away, a diminutive blogger started a 30 Day Challenge. I believe we have arrived at Day Four though Day Three was a couple of weeks ago. As I recall, the 30 Day Challenge did not specifically require the challenge be completed in 30 sequential days which is good because I’m not that committed to write everyday.  I know. I know. All you writers and writer wannabes read on >>