A Bit Of Advice On The Trifecta Writing Challenge

The best advice I never gave was to never give advice but now that I have broken my rule about never giving advice, my advice is to pass along this bit of advice.


This was my response to the Trifecta Weekend Challenge to write 33 words on the best advice you’ve ever given.

Confessions Of An Invisible Woman

Invisibility came to me slowly. At first, no one noticed I was there. Soon I was invisible in a crowded room. Now, the transition is complete and nobody remembers I was ever here.


This is my response to Trifecta’s weekend challenge of a 33 word first person narrative. It is community judged and if you wish to cast a vote you can do so at Trifecta’s website before the deadline on Sunday.



The Fringe Of Deformity Blog Award Has Uncertain Future

So in other news about me, my toenail came off. It wasn’t gory or messy or anything and it didn’t even hurt much or at all. It was a delayed reaction to the great toe stubbing incident of a few months ago that I may or may not have mentioned. The reaction was only delayed because I have been sporting a bright neon orange, pink or yellow bandaid to hold the toenail in place until it was ready to take its leave. Alas, a few days ago, when I was changing read on >>

Edward Hotspur And The Erotic Haze Turning Interstellar Nether Regions Japanese

So if you didn’t get the memo about the musical clue dropped on the way to here from Fred’s place or if you aren’t part of the masses trying to decipher Hasty’s very sincere poem to avoid turning Japanese, then you must get caught up to the goings on and fast, so here goes.  read on >>

Foolishness Seekers Of The World Unite And Wish Happiness To The One Who Started It All (This May Be A Slight Exaggeration)

I just found out that today is a very special day and not just because it is Remember Pearl Harbor Day Eve. No, today is the birthday of one of the greatest bloggers on the planet. I would have said ‘in the universe’ but I’m not sure if there is blogging in other parts of the universe.

He’s not great because he writes every day. He’s great because he is everywhere. Everywhere I go, I see his gravatar and comments. He almost always comments. He is generous with praise and encouragement. He has a wonderful taste in music read on >>