The Fringe Of Deformity Blog Award Has Uncertain Future

So in other news about me, my toenail came off. It wasn’t gory or messy or anything and it didn’t even hurt much or at all. It was a delayed reaction to the great toe stubbing incident of a few months ago that I may or may not have mentioned. The reaction was only delayed because I have been sporting a bright neon orange, pink or yellow bandaid to hold the toenail in place until it was ready to take its leave. Alas, a few days ago, when I was changing read on >>

High Expectations For Limoncello Variation Expressed By Skinny Italian Chick

Much like any blockbuster movie, this is its sequel. And I didn’t wait a year or two to cash in. My last post was an acceptance speech for some blog awards and I was rewarded with many comments. Normally, I get a few comments, and that’s fine because I’m not the chattiest Cathy in the room, but this got a read on >>

Refrigerator Thought Tomato Fluffer Inappropriate But The Mouse Was Appreciative

Once again, I have received some awards though I’ve been a bit tardy in acknowledging at least two of the three. I think the ‘at least’ in the previous sentence is my way of minimizing my negligence in acknowledging said awards that weren’t acknowledged in a more timely time because least makes it seem like less than half when in fact it was really more than half. The lack of timely acknowledgement should not be taken as an indication of my lack of appreciation. It’s really more a case of read on >>

Cerulean Blue Honey Sequined Love Nuns

I came across an award that I will never receive. I found it quite by accident. I was lurking or loitering or lingering or lounging or some other “L” word but not theĀ “L” word on another blog and one of the commenters commented that he had passed on an award to that blogger but did not say what the award was so being the curious but not yellow blogger that I am I visited the commenter’s blog to read on >>