7×7 Times The Fun – It’s Another Award!

Yesterday, (to you since you’ll read this tomorrow, but today for me since I haven’t yet gone to bed) I wrote a post about my aversion to the gift giving/getting frenzy that is December. Later that night, I got a gift from Elyse at FiftyFourandAHalf. She didn’t bother to wrap it. She just dropped it off in my comments. Yes, it’s another award!

This time it is the 7×7 Link Award. Thanks Elyse! It really is wonderful to be noticed by another great blogger. Elyse has been very supportive of my blog and I appreciate her as I do all of my readers.

As with other blog awards, this one did not come with a cash prize or chocolate Tootsie Pops, but with a work assignment. This work assignment requires introspection and hard choices. I also must reveal something about myself that no one knows. Let’s see, there was that time, oh wait, I don’t think the statute of limitations has run out on that one, so I can’t admit to that just yet.  I used to dream in French. I was a junior in high school taking my third year of French and quite often my dreams would be in French. It was weird.

Now for the introspective part – which is tough to do.

Most Beautiful Post. I think my poem Softly is my most beautiful piece.
Most Helpful.  This one was easy, since I’ve only written one thing that might be considered helpful and that was How To Be A Good Houseguest.
Most Popular. This was also easy as I just checked my stats page to find out that Versatile Blogger – The Linking Is The Hardest Part received the most hits. I have no idea why.
Most Controversial. I didn’t think the piece was going to be controversial and the comments were positive, but I did get several emails about this. I still don’t understand why a few people got their panties in a twist over my Right Boob Escapes During Tango post. Boobs occasionally escape and it hardly seems controversial to me. It wasn’t as if we were dancing on national TV.
Most Surprisingly Successful. I wasn’t sure when I wrote Finding Pretend Love On Craigslist if it would be well received. After all, anytime you mention transgender nuns, you run the risk of alienating readers. Apparently, my readers appreciated transgender nun humor. And it was all true!
Most Underrated. My quirky little post on The Plight of The Zucchini was not as popular as I thought it would be. I had fun writing it and that’s what counts in my blog.
Most Pride Worthy. This was a very easy choice. I am very proud of my latest poem Shattered. It helped me get through a tough couple of days. I like the rhythm and the images. Yes, I’m definitely proud of that one.

As for part three of the assignment, I need to name seven bloggers who I think are worthy of this award. It’s hard to pick just seven. I admire each of these bloggers and I don’t think they have received this prestigious award.

Trask Avenue. John at Trask Avenue was my first subscriber. I don’t know how he found my blog, but I am so happy that he did. His writing is eloquent, evocative and often deeply moving. He inspires envy in this aspiring writer.
H.E.Ellis. H.E. or Hellis as she is sometimes called was another early subscriber to my blog. I am so grateful that she found me, otherwise I never would have found her. Her SPaM promotions of other bloggers have led me to other wonderful bloggers. She is a gifted writer, too, with one book under her belt. I’ve read her book and it is terrific.
Eggton. I’m a new reader of her blog. She is terrific. She combines a comical blog post with a yummy recipe. My mouth waters just reading her posts.
NotQuiteOld. Nancy is another wonderful writer. Her slice of life stories and remembrances of her youth always warm my heart.
The Idiot Speaketh. Mark, AKA The Idiot, keeps me laughing with his tales of family, practical jokes and adventures out and about.
Sparklebumpsthebookwhore. What’s a Sparklebumps, you ask? She’s a book whore, a Pizza Slut (her words), feisty, fearless and fun.
Edward Hotspur. Ah, you know I couldn’t leave you out, Mr. Hotspur. His stream-of-consciousness writings, poetry, short stories and interactive adventures will make you laugh or cry or  say, ‘WTF?’ He is bizarrely brilliant or brilliantly bizarre. He also wrote a book which I bought earlier today because I know it will be terrific.

While I had to keep my list to just seven, everyone on my blog roll is a terrific writer. I am constantly entertained, moved and amazed by their talents and abilities.  Thanks again, Elyse! You gave me a wonderful gift, er, award!