Posted on October 16, 2011
I lay in the yard newly green
While the spring sun warmed me,
And through closed eyes
I saw red shadows.
He was with me there,
Lying by my side, breathing in time.
But he felt cold to me, like a
Dying sign of winter.
Moving from my side, he sat cross-legged,
Head dropped, eyes missing the
Swaying of the lawn.
He pulled the grass blades with despair,
And I could feel them crying.
He never cried when I hurt him,
But his eyes would penetrate and kill.
With a fistful of anger, he leaned over me,
And while kissing my lips,
Threw the grass down my shirt.
His mouth had felt like a frosted window pane
Which longs for the warmth inside.
I denied him any satisfaction by not reacting,
And I could feel the torn grass
Weeping within me.





Posted on October 24, 2011


You say
You don’t play games
But you draw me in
I never know
I’m being played
Until you blink
And the game ends
You always blink first
I’m left
To build the wall
I need to protect
Me from you
The next time
You reach for me
Your eyes softening
As you smile
The past
Fades away
The wall crumbles
And the wicked game
Begins once more



Posted on October 21, 2011

echoes of loneliness
and broken dreams

a fusion of fantasy
and reality

never ending
each one grows more intense
truth becomes a shadow
dying with sunset
to return



Posted on November 1, 2011

you came.
You helped me to discover my wings and
encouraged me to fly to new horizons.

you fed me of yourself,
being careful not to let me into your hand.

like new fallen snow,

so as not to frighten me,

you cast your crumbs on the ground,

and walked away.



I feel good
I’m smiling, dancing, singing.
Colors move around me in a cloud.
I’m sort of floating,
Moving with time.
I can’t feel the ground.

I’m angry.
I feel like screaming, fighting.
Energy flows by me.
Frustration infects my hands.
I’m swearing, yelling.
I can’t do anything.

I feel like crying.
Nothing good is coming.
Tears fill my eyes.
I’m in the mood to be alone,
Away from everybody.
I don’t want to bother anyone with myself.

I can’t seem to find myself.
I drift along.
I try to fit in.
“You’re not your usual self.”
When am I usual?



When the cold wind blows
sending chills through my body
I long to be with you

When sitting on a beach
as the sun goes down
or watching the stars dance
I long to tell you I love you

But you’re not here now
and the sun is shining brightly
I’m shivering uncontrollably
someone walked over my grave



Posted on December 2, 2011

It wasn’t the first blow
or the second
a crack appeared
sending fault lines racing across the surface
like fingers of lightning shooting across the sky
There was no sound
to the explosion that followed
Pieces rained down
shimmering like diamonds
Each piece picked up gently
turning it over looking for the flaw
Wondering how they could ever
fit together again
Knowing she would never be the same



I know
what eternity sounds like
It is the sound
without a beginning
It is the sound
that has no end
It is the sound
of forever
It is a sound
that soothes my soul
A sound
that calms my heart
It is the sound of waves
One and then another
Never ending
Rolling into the shore



it came
stealing slowly across the lawn
on whispers of wind

it fell
floating gently down to rest
in a blanket of white

and there it now lies
in the dawn
in peace
in silence
in complete innocence and beauty

like new fallen snow
he came

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