Singing Towers, Flowers And Winey Bus Trips With Pictures With Captions, Oh My!

So it’s been quite awhile since last I took you on a photo journey of the day in a life sort. As you may recall, my last few photo posts were filled with slightly out of focus pictures and my musings as to whether it was the camera or the operator. I am happy to report that I came to the conclusion that since it was a fully automatic camera with no means of manually focusing said camera, the out of focusness (which may not be a real word, but it sounds like it should be, at least to me) was not a result of operator inability.

Happily, unless you are a fan of slightly out of focus pictures, read on >>

Simulating Flights Of Fancy With Wedding Crashing Naked Peaches

Yesterday, I suspended my tale of how to turn a six or seven hour drive into a two day drive to feed a giant puppy. If you are just now joining this tale, the previous sentence may have led you to believe that the purpose of the two day drive was to feed a giant puppy when, in fact, it was to attend a wedding of some relative of a friend of mine but I suspended the telling of the tale so I could read on >>

Getting Hung Up On Metaphorical Left Turns To A Nuclear Missile

It seems like it’s been a month since I’ve written anything except a grocery list but it really hasn’t been a month even though the last thing I wrote that wasn’t a grocery list was last month but I wrote it on the last day of the month so it’s really been just a week and so much has happened in that week. Days came and went and I went and came to Atlanta and then home and now I’m in someone else’s home until next week taking care of their sweet puppy who weighs in at roughly sixty pounds which is more than half of what I weigh in at when I bother to weigh in though there aren’t read on >>

It’s Official – I’m One Of The Guys

Three Sisters Springs - photo from Florida Fish & Wildlife Service

I survived today’s kayak trip. It was my first kayak trip this year and for the first time, I was the only female in our little party. Randy, Glen, Mark and I set off from Hunter’s Spring park and paddled out into King’s Bay then headed up to Three Sisters Springs.

Beautiful Three Sisters Springs can only be accessed by read on >>

Just Like Times Square, But With A Possum

I have big plans for New Year’s Eve! A couple of nights ago, I was on Facebook making sure that no unflattering pictures of me had been posted by my newest friend. (I have an unflattering picture of her that I threatened to post if she posted any unflattering pictures of me.) While I was logged on, I saw another friend’s post.

She had posted a video about the possum drop at Clay’s Corner and then asked if anyone wanted to come up and join in the fun. Well, that’s just the sort of vague invitation I live for.  So an email and phone call later, and I’m on my way to North Carolina for the weekend!

What’s a possum drop, you ask? It’s just like the ball that drops in New York City but instead of a lighted ball making it’s descent at midnight, it’s a box with a possum inside of it.  The crowd is also significantly smaller than the Times Square crowd.

I have been warned that if PETA shows up to protest, they substitute a roadkill possum for the live possum. No possums are ever harmed in the dropping of the possum.  I’m hoping PETA is a no show as I’d like to experience the live possum drop.  Dropping a roadkill possum lacks a certain je ne sais quoi.

And yes, I do know that technically they are opossums, not possums, but no one ever calls them opossums unless you see a dead one by the side of the road. Then you say, “Oh, possum, I’m so sorry you got run over by a car!”