Sexiest Man Consumed Pecan Wine For Early Morning Tap Dance

Today is the day that some people feel compelled to write a post expressing their gratitude over all the things for which they are grateful. Since I didn’t write such a post last year that I could simply reblog (not that I’ve seen anyone do that today), I’ve been thinking about the things for which I’m grateful which got me thinking read on >>

Cheese Distraught That Food Court Sentences Butter To Jail

I don’t know if you’ve been spending much time around conservatives lately, but they’re a glum lot. It’s as if they just found out their favorite hunting dog was run over by a Prius driving transgender vegan. I’m not quite sure how to console them, the conservatives, not the Prius driving transgender vegan though I’m sure he or she would be distraught about running over a dog.  So when my conservative friends read on >>

Pirate Talk More Interesting When Wet

So since last I wrote, much has happened. Some of it may have happened before I last wrote, the rest of it happened since last I wrote and all of that adds up to much but not too much. In telling my tale of what has been, I may not stay to a strict linear timeline. It’s not that I can’t remember the exact timeline, but that would be too planned and I would rather have my thoughts, and thus my writing, be more extemporaneous. So if you’re feeling extemporaneous, and who isn’t, let’s read on >>

How To Write Naked: A Very Buff Fudge Covered Bacon Food Blog

Once again, I will be giving another tip in my ongoing, yet to be determined what number of parts it will be series on blog writing tips. This will be the fourth part of the ongoing, yet to be determined what number of parts it will be series on blog writing tips. Today’s part will focus on a special niche in the blog world – food blogs.

There are several different types of food blogs. There is the Joe Friday, “Just the facts, ma’am” food blog. This is an easy food blog to write. It is just a recipe with a picture or two  of what the completed recipe should look like if read on >>

Adverbially Yours

Sadly, once again the Easter Bunny passed over my house without depositing the requisite chocolate rabbit.

Happily, my local market had a buy one get one free sale on Dove promises so my pantry is well stocked with dark chocolate.

Ironically, I recently vowed to reduce my sugar intake.

Sinfully, I choose to ignore this vow when it comes to said dark chocolate.

Velvety is the feeling of the chocolate as it slowly dissolves in my mouth.

Heavenly is the combination of dark chocolate and red wine.

Eagerly, I look forward to my evening glass of wine and piece of chocolate.

Blissfully, I savor each sip of wine and nibble of chocolate.

Tragically, I must wait twenty-four hours to repeat the cycle.

Thankfully, this bit of chocolate infused winey nonsense has come to an end.