Meet The Writer

I’ve been doing this blog thing since June of 2011. I struggled a bit to find my voice and now the struggle is to stay true to that voice. The voice is quirky, oddly logical, often literal, ever brainy in a wordy way but not in a math way and it never stops, it is always talking. And much as my mind never stops thinking Β and makes weird jumps in subject matter, my writing tends to meander in the same unpredictable way. I assume everyone’s mind works like mine, but it is possible that is not the case.

Perhaps, there are just a few of us whose minds are ever swimming upstream in a downstream world. Perhaps we are floating in a different stream of consciousness that some might classify as ‘not normal’ but we know our ‘not normal’ is far better than the ‘normal’ of the normal crowd. So for a glimpse into the voice that fills my mind, join me on my mental meanderings where you just might find that where you are is not where you expected to be and you are relatively (because everything is) sure that where you are is not your normal stream of consciousness.

40 thoughts on “Meet The Writer

  1. I grew up in PA but became a huge fan of the coast, the beach, and the tides. I since moved to the coast and have lived here for the greater part of 30 years. It can be such a peace of mind. I hope your writing has satisfied that part of your soul. I think I want to come and visit, enjoy your writings and enjoy your tranquil theme here. Keep up your good work!

  2. Hello Sandy,

    Thank you for visiting my blog. And thank you for following my blog as well; I really appreciate it. Hope my blog doesn’t disappoint you and that you have a joyful ride in each of your visits there.. πŸ™‚

    Have a lovely day and thank you again! πŸ™‚

    Subhan Zein

  3. Hi Sandy… first, CONGRATS on the one year anniversary of this blog!!! I had mine not too long ago (ok, well a few months back) and it feels really cool to realize that you’ve been at it for a whole year!!! (mine is my first blog, though I’ve created several all over the place at other blogger spots, etc., I only post here.) I just posted my 103rd post, missed celebrating the 100th, I was so busy listening to the voices in my own brain! You only have one? Nice!!
    Just wanted to thank you for the recent “like” and “follow”, unless it’s a re”follow”, but then these things tend to fall out my brain like it’s a sieve, now that I’m (airquote) older (end airquote) and much much wiser…
    have a great weekend!!


    • Thanks, BuddhaKat! And you’re welcome. I’ve been occasionally stopping by your place and admiring the work and realized I don’t want to miss any of your beautiful posts, so I’m now a BuddhaKat follower! I may only have one voice in my head, but it tends to wander around a bit.

  4. thanks for your post about the Pretend Lover guy from CL. Your public service announcement was useful to me. I almost responded to a repost of this message, but didn’t, thanks to you.

  5. Hi Sandy. I’ve been reading your blogs sporadically and always get a kick outta
    ’em. Thanks for being “out there” and as delightful and etc. that you always were. Miss you from Jazzercise, Cheri DuBois Anderson, remember me?

    • Of course, I remember you, Cheri! I have lots of wonderful memories of you and our adventures together back ‘in the day’ (and night). Hope all is well with you and hope to see you again in the not too distant future.

  6. Hii, I’ve nominated your blog for an award, kindly check the link below, and confirm it when you have the time…Sorry for the late intimation!

    • Thanks, Guapo! I am at the end of a 12 week recovery from retinal surgery to fix a detached retina with three small tears. Spent most of the first six weeks lying face down, so I’m happy to be up and walking around with vision almost back to normal.

      Hope all is well with you!

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