What Makes The Super Bowl Super?

So I hear there is a football game being played tonight. I’m not watching it. I’m not sure which teams are playing.

Nor do I care. I haven’t cared in a few years.

Not long ago, or maybe last year, I was talking to someone who asked me if I was going to watch “The Game.”

I said, No.

And then she said, “I’m just going to watch it for the commercials.”

And I said, or perhaps asked, “Did you hear what you just said?”

There was no reply, so I felt the need to fill the silence with words, “You are going to watch TV just to watch paid advertisements. Advertisements that companies have spent millions of dollars on for the sole purpose of inducing you to spend money on something you probably don’t really need. (There’s a bit of a dramatic pause here.) Just so they can make more money. (And this part is a bit quieter or more quiet if quieter isn’t   a word, and it may not be.) Capitalism has won.” (I’m shaking my head slightly at this point.)

I don’t remember how the rest of the conversation went.

But we’re still friends. Though I don’t hear from her as much as I used to. But it’s probably not because of that conversation.

And really, if you’re like most people, and let’s face it, I’ve said it before and I’ll probably say it again, most people are like most people, you will probably see these commercials 1000 times in the not too distant future. So why the need to see it the first time it appears?

I think it’s a little weird, but I chalk it up to societal conditioning and a general lack of interest in giving much thought to most everything,

I don’t think I’ll get to the end of my life and look back and say, “I wish I had watched more football.”

And I know I won’t look back and regret not having seen the premiere of a commercial.

But that’s just me.

So instead of football and commercials, I’m drinking a little wine, listening to some favorite tunes and sharing my thoughts with the universe.

How are you spending the evening?

11 thoughts on “What Makes The Super Bowl Super?

  1. Today was the very first time I’ve ever watched a football game from beginning to end…in ten minutes. (Hey, didn’t say I watched the middle!) I still haven’t been converted into a football fanatic either, so you’re on the same boat as me.

  2. Everything isn’t for everybody. Some see the event as an opportunity to gather. For instance, at the party I attended, some sat around and talked .. others took time to play pool … some only talked with those they knew, while other mingled with people they didn’t know. … As for you choice to enjoy wine, music, and a tad of blogging, that’s OK, too! … so what wine did you have?

    • No doubt that many gather to watch the big game and the commercials. The last two or three Super Bowl parties I went to I spent the entire time outside looking at the stars and chatting with a few friends who also had little interest in the game and commercials. Of course, we don’t need the reason of a big game to gather together and share food and stories. It’s the crass commercialism and the way we seem to be so easily distracted by things that don’t matter while the things that do matter get shoved aside that I find both fascinating and frightening.

      The wine was a cheap merlot 🙂

  3. Finally someone else who doesn’t understand the hype over the super bowl commercials. I’m so sick of hearing about the lost puppy. I saw that commercial last night and I thought it was stupid. Everyone was texting and I replied that I’d rather be looking at ass!

  4. The Super Bowl hype has gotten ridiculous. It’s bigger than Thanksgiving – oh, there’s football there, too – encroachment!
    The commercials that are of any interest now all seem to be “leaked” days ahead of time. MAny people are worried about being left out of conversations after Super Bowl – how said is that that we are all talking about marketing images instead of real life?

    • No doubt, some commercials are creative and entertaining but watching TV for the commercials is a step too far for me. And sadly, it just adds to all the other distractions that help to keep so many people apathetic to the very real problems we face as a society and a species.

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