A Bit Of Advice On The Trifecta Writing Challenge

The best advice I never gave was to never give advice but now that I have broken my rule about never giving advice, my advice is to pass along this bit of advice.


This was my response to the Trifecta Weekend Challenge to write 33 words on the best advice you’ve ever given.


40 thoughts on “A Bit Of Advice On The Trifecta Writing Challenge

  1. Strange how very quickly double and triple negatives can tie one’s brains in knots!
    Thank you for not not giving this valuable advice.

  2. I particularly hate it when someone ASKS me for my advice, and then does the opposite. Like I am the person they most want to be the opposite of?

    • I hate that, too. The next time that person asks you for advice, tell them the opposite of what you would do and then when he or she does the opposite of that, he or she will be just like you.

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