Big Pile Of Dirt – Day Seven – Chicken Tender Edition

Now those readers who are more chronologically aware may be troubled by the title which is not at all the same as being troubled by Tribbles in that Tribbles care not about time but those who do care about time might be thinking that today is Day Nine in the Big Pile of Dirt saga and not Day Seven and they would be right about that as indeed, today would be the ninth day since the dirt saga began but it is not a day that has or will involve the shoveling of dirt from the big pile of dirt or from anywhere else. The last day that occurred with that being the shoveling of dirt was on Day Seven.

I had planned on shoveling dirt on Day Five but Day Five took an unexpected turn and went to hell but not in a hand basket and I would rather not relive the events of that day except to say I would rather have been shoveling dirt. Day Six began a bit stressfully, but then I destressed in yoga class and relaxed at a movie and then tapped away in tap class so no dirt shoveling took place on Day Six either. But Day Seven was a perfect day for shoveling dirt and shovel dirt is what I did but not all day because I get tired of dirt shoveling after a couple of hours but progress is being made and I wanted to keep the one or two of you who might be wondering if dirt progress was progressing updated on my progress. And now I have.

In other news, some of you may remember that I spend a few weeks each summer herding goats. I am happy to say that once again I will be herding goats this summer as well as feeding two cats and two horses. But that’s not all. Jean, the owner of the previously mentioned critters, told me in between the yoga and the movie on Day Six that she has acquired some chicks so I will also be tending chickens whilst herding goats. I think that means I will be a chicken tender.

Without photographic evidence it would difficult to convey the progress being made on reducing the big pile of dirt to just so much sand.

Without photographic evidence it would difficult to convey the progress being made on reducing the big pile of dirt to just so much sand.


12 thoughts on “Big Pile Of Dirt – Day Seven – Chicken Tender Edition

  1. Just stay out of the grocery store and McD’s when you’re a chicken tender. Accidents might otherwise occur.

  2. But will you be baked or fried?
    Hey, can you tie shovels to the goats heads so they can help with the dirt while they graze!

    • Some people think I’m a little half baked already. I sure hope the big pile of dirt is a distant memory by the time I start herding goats and tending chickens, but if not, I may give that a shot!

  3. Do you come with a dipping sauce? My favorite is honey garlic. On a different note, I am one of the few following the progress of your dirt pile & I can see you’ve been busy working on it. Is it sitting in your front yard – that’s a pretty nice looking yard.

    • The dirt is in the backyard. I take a Darwinian approach to my yard – survival of the fittest and apparently the fittest are weeds. My yard is mostly weeds, but it looks great when it is mowed. The birds and armadillos love my yard because it is ‘au naturel.’

      And the dipping sauce is included!

  4. It’s deceiving, isn’t it? It looks like it will be an easy task, taking no time at all, but it’s actually quite significant.
    I’m not going to think of you as a half baked chicken tender, Sandy. I just can’t. 🙂

    • You are so right. Before I ordered the dirt, I thought I could get it done in two or three days and now I’m thinking I may have ordered too much dirt though there are still a few spots that need quite a bit of dirt in the yard.

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