Big Pile Of Dirt – Day Two – It’s A Zen Thing

So you might be wondering how many posts I can get out of a big pile of dirt. I’m wondering, too, and so far I’m up to two but not the same kind of two as the first ‘too.’ The good news is I wasn’t as sore when I woke up this morning as I thought I would be. I was more sore or sorer depending on what you prefer and I would prefer less sore, but I’m stuck with more sore. I think it’s a rhyming thing.

But despite my more sore feeling, I still managed to get in a couple of miles on the treadmill followed by some stretching to help warm me up and get me ready for another day of spreading dirt. And that was all before breakfast. After breakfast, I grabbed my shovel and started to shovel. Again, I only spent a couple of hours at it because I don’t want to do any serious damage although I do want to do some serious damage to the big pile of dirt but not to my back so I’m not over doing the dirt spreading thing.

The good news is I am still mostly upright and feeling almost strong so clearly I have not done any serious damage to my body. The bad news is there is still a big pile of dirt in my yard.

Okay, the big pile of dirt is ever so slightly smaller than yesterday’s big pile of dirt and I’m sure it is as big as it will ever be from this moment forward unless I don’t do any dirt spreading tomorrow, but I plan on spreading some dirt around tomorrow and every day until the big pile of dirt is just a little bit of dust on the ground or in the wind if you’re feeling musically nostalgic. It’s all rather zen like.

Indeed, there is a zen like quality to the act of spreading dirt. The mind empties itself and a certain rhythm develops. And of course, the beautiful sunny day also helps with the zen thing. Or maybe it’s more a Karate Kid thing. Wax on, wax off, how much tedium can one person endure. I think I’ll stick with the zen which goes great with the delightful red zin I’m drinking now.

Oh, and there’s even better news. I just finished my Thumbelina assignment that I agreed to do oh so many months ago and sent it off to Ms. Ellis and it wasn’t even due until April 1st. I’m early!

Here's today's after shot of the big pile of dirt, though the big pile of dirt is a wee bit smaller today than it was this time yesterday.

Here’s today’s after shot of the big pile of dirt, though the big pile of dirt is a wee bit smaller today than it was this time yesterday.


12 thoughts on “Big Pile Of Dirt – Day Two – It’s A Zen Thing

  1. Hey, you’re making good progress.

    You know, there is a way to cheat and get it done by someone else for little money. Buy a bunch of plastic pails and shovels, then tell all the neighborhood kid that there are Easter eggs in the pile, The rule is the fill their bucket up and them empty it out in the specified areas. If they don’t find them, you will give them candy filled Easter eggs when the pile is gone.

    They get candy, you get the pile moved where you want it.

    Win-win. 😉

    • That could work except it’s mostly retired folks in my neighborhood and they don’t seem particularly interested in looking for eggs in a pile of dirt.

  2. I hope as you spread the big pile into a thinner layer, you’ll start sculpting the pile with each shovel withdrawn…

  3. This pile is either a metaphor or an allegory Sandy – can’t make me mind up – but keep spreading all the same (perhaps make out you find some artefact in there).

  4. The shovel gives perspective ( and Ginger things to ponder – giggles)
    It is a rhythmic zen thing….but suggesting that didn’t get me any help either.
    Making progress – impressive
    Gotta dig it. (wine does help with the whining)

    • Thanks, Elyse! I’ll be singing that song to the dirt tomorrow, though I’m going to change the lyrics to “you’re going down, down, down…”

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