Supernatural Tire Flipping Tribute For Hellis Birthday

So I just read El Guapo‘s blog and today it features another birthday tribute to the great H.E. Ellis, who is a blogger extraordinaire! The tribute ends with these words:


Sincerely, from me, and all your blogtastic friends!

And there, second from the bottom, was a link to my blog. Apparently, I missed the memo because I was not aware that I was supposed to be writing a birthday tribute but be that as it may and since I am often not at a loss for words except for those times when I am, I shall valiantly plunge into tribute territory.

It is fitting that I, sandylikeabeach, should be asked to pay tribute to the splendiferous Ms. Ellis as we are so similar we are like peas in a pod but not the same pod because I am much older, so this should be easy peasy.

We are both tiny people with big attitudes and a way with words, though her wordy way is a bit more direct than mine. And her way results in books and I’m just happy a handful of slightly demented individuals occasionally read a post or two. However, thanks to the indomitable spirit of the delightful Ms. Ellis, I am now a published author of the something I wrote ended up in a book type because I was featured in her Iconic Interview book.

We both keep fit by dancing with younger virile men or maybe that’s just me, but we can shake our Cuban girl asses and salsa and cha cha with the best of them. Again, maybe that’s just me. We also like to keep fit by exercising in the great outdoors by flipping truck tires, except I haven’t actually flipped a truck tire, but my sista has.

Yes, we are indeed, sistas, which is like sisters if you live anywhere other than New England which is where the great and powerful H.E. lives. It also explains her secret crush on Tom Brady and her love of Godsmack. I might be exaggerating the secret crush part but not the Godsmack part. Also, she used to live in Florida and I still live in Florida so there’s that. She also has a Supernatural crush and is a newby Buffy fan while I have been a Buffy fan since season two. And I think it’s safe to say, we both like Dragonfly.

For many of us who have taken up blogging over the last couple of years, Ms. Ellis was an early commenter and supporter on our blogs. I found my way to some very interesting blogs because of her Monday SPaM interviews of fellow bloggers. She even invited me to be interviewed. Yes, she is a special blogging buddy.

She and I don’t blog as much as we used to. She’s been busy raising three beautiful children, getting promotions at work, writing books, editing books, flipping tires and watching football while I spent a few weeks herding goats. Granted the goat herding was a few months ago, so I’m not sure what has been keeping me from writing more because it’s not a job or children but this isn’t about me. It’s about H.E.

And today is her day and I hope it is extra special just like she is. Happy Birthday, my friend!

18 thoughts on “Supernatural Tire Flipping Tribute For Hellis Birthday

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  3. Thanks, Sandy! You may be SLIGHTLY older than me, but you can give me a run for my money I’m sure. By why compete? There are plenty of young, virile men to go around. I say we pair up and go grab some!

  4. Wait – so if I link somewhere, something happens?!?
    Happy birthday, HE!
    And yeh, all that stuff Sandy said too!

    *rushes off to write a thank you post and link to lottery commission*

  5. Nice catch-up post Sandy. H.E. and I have an agreement. I ignore the fact that she had ANOTHER birthday, and she ignores the fact that I desperately need choking. Happy B’day anyway. I’ll take my chances.

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