The Fringe Of Deformity Blog Award Has Uncertain Future

So in other news about me, my toenail came off. It wasn’t gory or messy or anything and it didn’t even hurt much or at all. It was a delayed reaction to the great toe stubbing incident of a few months ago that I may or may not have mentioned. The reaction was only delayed because I have been sporting a bright neon orange, pink or yellow bandaid to hold the toenail in place until it was ready to take its leave. Alas, a few days ago, when I was changing from a bright orange to a bright pink bandaid, the toenail came off. The big one on the left foot if you must know the specifics. Now, when I say my toenail came off, I think the wearing of said neon colored bandaid for the last few months helped the healthy part of the nail to begin to grow, because I actually have about one third of a toenail.

I was strangely excited by the loss of part of me and the strange deformity that was now my big left toe. I was eager to share this little bit of news. And so I did. I sent my best bud a text: My toenail came off. I thought you would want to know.

Dex, being the emotionally supportive guy that he is, responded: I DID NOT want to know that. It’s gross!   He doesn’t use exclamation points frivolously.

At the ALF where I volunteer, when I told them about my toenail and asked if anyone wanted to see it, everyone said yes so I took off my shoe. Ruthie said it looked like it might grow back in and I was momentarily speechless before I said, “Really?”

Then Jess said, “They don’t always grow back in and sometimes they grow back deformed like my forked thumbnail.” And she stuck her hand out and her thumbnail really is forked.

So now I was wondering if my toenail would grow back in normally. Of course, in times of such worry I turn to my best bud. I sent him a text: What if my toenail never grows in? I’ll be the lady with the deformed toe.

His reply was swift and profound: You’ve been the lady with the bandaid on her toe. It can’t be that different.

I know it will be hard to top the news of a personal toenail loss, but I’m going to give it a shot. Some longtime readers may be familiar with my love of chocolate Tootsie Pops. For those of you who may not be familiar with my various loves, one of them happens to be chocolate Tootsie Pops. I also like Mexican food and oddly, the two often mix in that the little Mexican restaurants near where I live often have a little cardboard tower sitting on the counter next to the cash register that holds lollipops that are available for a small donation of fifty cents to feed hungry children or heal sick children. Quite frankly, once I realize that the featured lollipop is Tootsie Pops, my eyes immediately locate the chocolate ones and I pay no mind to anything else until I have made the necessary donations to acquire all of the chocolate Tootsie Pops on the cardboard tower. I might smile at my friends and say it’s for the sick hungry children, but it’s for me.

Sadly, my last chocolate Tootsie Pop was but a memory and I was left to ponder the merits of a Mexican meal in the hopes of securing more of the sweet delicacies, because it is a crapshoot as to what type of lollipop will be featured and if it is Tootsie Pops, how many might be chocolate, when I deigned to  give the internet another opportunity to provide a dealer for my fix. I had tried the Tootsie Pop website once or twice in the past and while they advertised a bag comprised of only chocolate Tootsie Pops, they were always sold out. But not this time. This time I ordered five bags. I know. I’m wondering if five bags will be enough, too.

But that’s not all my news. Not only did I lose part of me and end up with a temporary (I hope) deformity and enough chocolate Tootsie Pops to get me qualified as a fringe hoarder though not a hoarder of fringe, I also am the recipient of some groovy blog awards or the same award twice so ‘some’ was overstating matters. Yes, there are still bloggers out there that tempt the fates and bestow blog awards on me. The real challenge in these blog award acceptance speeches is creativity because there are just so many ways you can say thank you before you must resort to relating tales of toenail loss.

So while I am so thankful to have had 55 years of experiencing life with ten perfect toenails before my recent toenail loss left uncertain my big left toenail future, that gratitude pales in comparison to the gratitude I feel towards Chelsea Brown19 who bestowed the One Lovely Blog Award to me back in September. It’s an award I had been awarded and posted an acceptance for just days before she awarded the award to me again so that might explain my dalliance in getting around to a proper thank you, so “Thank you!”

But that’s not all. Not only have I become a procrastinating deformed fringe hoarder of chocolate Tootsie Pops, even more people decided to award awards to me. And that happened just days ago, so I may be on the way to turning my preponderance for procrastination to a proclivity for promptness. (I just love how I ended the previous sentence even though it is possible I wasn’t using all those words correctly. Of course, it is possible I did.)  Benzeknees and Sumithra Sriram presented me with the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award.

Screen Shot 2013-01-13 at 8.52.37 PM

I’m so excited to join the Sisterhood unless it involves wearing a habit and then I must decline but I checked the fine print and this Sisterhood doesn’t require habits to be worn though it does promote the habit of writing. The Sisterhood is always merrier when more sisters are around so I invite anyone who might want to join to grab the logo and display it proudly. There are probably rules and such to follow which I won’t be doing because I’m still dealing with the recent toenail loss and the lingering PTSD but you can follow rules and such by visiting the aforementioned blogs.

Lest you think that relating tales of toenail loss and fringe hoarding trivializes the blog award process, please know that while I may poke fun, it is a thrill whenever someone thinks enough of my little wordy meanderings to take the time to mention my blog and link to it because it’s a pain in the patookus to do that linking thing. I am most grateful for all awards that come my way even though I am not always timely in my response, but this time, not even the mental anguish that accompanied the loss of my big left toenail could prevent me from expressing my gratitude in a timely fashion and so I have, which leaves me with time to enjoy a chocolate Tootsie Pop fix while pondering the pressing question on my mind of whether my toenail will grow in normally or forever be deformed.

The sharp eyed among you might be thinking there are only four bags in this photo and you would be right. I opened one of the bags.

Some of you might have been expecting a picture of my newly deformed big left toe, but instead I decided to provide a slightly out of focus picture of  my chocolate Tootsie Pop addiction. The sharp eyed among you might be thinking there are only four bags in this photo and you would be right. I opened one of the bags.

31 thoughts on “The Fringe Of Deformity Blog Award Has Uncertain Future

  1. No one accepts an award like you Sandy!
    Congratulations, and I hope the awards and tootsie pops are enough to distract you from the toe until it hopefully grows back.

  2. If only all blogging awards came with Chocolate Tootsie Pops I would be very quick to acknowledge them.

    congratulations, Sandy. On your awards and on being certifiably nuts — both of which are fun.

    • I think all blogging awards should include chocolate Tootsie Pops, Elsye. It would make them that much sweeter. (Groaning is not only permitted, but is expected with bad puns.)

  3. Don’t lose hope! I too had my left big toe die on me but it refused to fall off, slowly turning every repulsive colour imaginable. A fresh one grew behind it pushing the rotten one upwards until it finally forced it away, like overthrowing an evil dictator threatening the other toenails.

    • Joe, we have so much in common! At least the losing of the left big toenail. Thanks for the encouragement.I’m hoping for a successful regrowth of my big toenail though time will tell.

  4. What if there was a “Mail Chocolate Tootsie Pops to Sandy” campaign? ….. 😉 Thanks for sharing your creativity! I don’t know anyone else who could have elegant combined toe nail loss, Chocolate Tootsie Pops, and blog awards.

  5. Big toes growing new nails are so odd – but it will grow back (I like the comment about the evil toe nail dictator being overthrown.)
    You are already a blog habit…so you’re gong to design your own apparel to go with the award? Will you have to sing like Whoopi in those movies?

  6. I sort of want to see the toe, but then again, I sort of don’t. I have a nail fungus on my big right toe, and I can’t seem to cure it, and I think my toenail might fall off eventually, but so far it has hung in there. Considering it’s been about three years, it’s a persistent toenail for sure. It’s not as unsightly as having no toenail at all, I don’t think, which is why I sort of wanted to see yours. It may give me comfort to know I am not so deformed as you. But I can cover my toe with polish and no one knows. Toenail polish will not work with you, although you may want to give it a try. Just draw a nail with you polish. From a distance, no one may know.

    • The toe doesn’t look that bad and most people probably wouldn’t even notice and oddly enough I thought about painting a toenail on my toe. I also thought about just painting the third of a nail I have or just painting every other toenail and leaving the deformed one plain.

      I’ve heard that vinegar will kill nail fungus and swiping your nails with a vinegar soaked cotton ball before polishing helps prevent fungus from developing.

  7. You are great at creating distractions also, but not enough to distract me from checking to find that you, indeed, produced a fine example of correctly used multiple alliteration. (Oh darn! Still not as run-on as the expert.)

    • Thanks, Archon! (I’m not sure I’m a run-on sentence expert, though I do seem to have a gift for it or maybe it’s a curse, but no matter what it is, it is always fun.)

    • I’ve got bags of them and so far it is great though I have been limiting myself to one pop a day. I’m sure the novelty will wear off in a few months or when I run out of them.

    • A toenail with black fringe does sound awesome! It’s too soon to tell if I’ll end up with an awesome dragon toenail and I would keep my toes crossed for luck but that makes walking more of a challenge.

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