A Conversation I Never Had

Writer’s note – This is a snippet of conversation that tells a story. It may or may not be autobiographical in nature or perhaps just parts are autobiographical, but I do have a rich fantasy life so it can sometimes be hard to separate the real from the surreal. It’s not like separating eggs. The humor portion of this post is now over as the rest is a little different than what I normally post. I’m exploring boundaries or, well, let’s just go with the boundary exploration explanation. Think of it as my gift to you, though I thought about you when I gave a goat. That’s not some euphemism. I gave a goat to make a small bit of difference in the world.  

This picture doesn't have anything to do with the conversation story but it does pertain to the goat part of the story.

This picture doesn’t have anything to do with the conversation story but it does pertain to the goat part of the story. You can give a goat, or some other animal or part thereof, at Heifer International.

Now, we’re probably in the mood for this bit of writing. Enjoy! 


“So when I got to Jen’s, I just ran into the bedroom, kissed her (and at this point, he pointed both of his index fingers at the spot Jen would be if Jen were in the room), and said, ‘I just stopped by to tell you I won’t be seeing you this weekend.’ And then I left.”

“She didn’t say anything?”

“No, my kisses can have that effect.”

“I wouldn’t know.”

“We don’t kiss.”

“No, we don’t.”

“Do you know why we don’t kiss?”

“I’ve always thought that, um, for you, that you think it’s too personal.”

There was a long pause. It was a bit of silence that longed for words but neither felt they could trust themselves with their words. The tone shifted imperceptibly and then settled itself in for the ride to come.

“Okay, it wasn’t exactly like that. We talked for a bit then I did the whole finger pointing-I’m not going to see you bit, but I gave you the short version, but it was kind of what I was feeling.”

“Ah, the idealized view of recent events. Everyone has one.”

She wasn’t surprised that he chose to continue his story. She left unasked the question she longed to ask for she suspected she already knew the answer. She glimpsed it hiding in the silence, hoping it wouldn’t be found out and now, she wasn’t sure she could pretend that she didn’t know. The only thing she knew was that she no longer wanted to pretend.


16 thoughts on “A Conversation I Never Had

  1. A lovely gift, Sandy — a nice bit of storytelling. And so is the Goat. I’m a big fan of Heiffer, International, too.

  2. Oh, yeah! Story time (we knew you had a fancy life…ohh fantasy…that’s OK, too)
    There was obviously a mistake in the order – it was a MOAT requested…that makes much more sense. Merrily through the day…

  3. How could a goat not make a difference in peoples lives?

    And a great piece of storytelling. I find I’d like to know more about the people in it…

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