Naked Erotic Moonlight Charms Edgy Solstice In Winter’s Pool

So tomorrow or today if you are not reading it today or at least my today which may not be the same as your today, is the winter solstice. I’m a huge fan of solstices and not just because my ideas of god or God, if you’re particular, and religion have evolved so much since I was a child, but because of the astronomy aspect. I like astronomical stuff especially when it has an anthropological edge to it and a solstice has it all.

My favorite part of the whole solstice thing is how it is either the longest day and shortest night or the longest night and the shortest day. There is no greater longer or shorter. And each has its own special charms. I think the charm of the winter solstice is the length of the night. There is so much more time for dancing and sleeping. I suppose there is time for other things, too, but for me it’s pretty much dancing and sleeping after darkness falls. Okay, that’s not entirely true, there are other things I do that range from utterly mundane to edgily erotic, but mostly it’s the dancing and sleeping with the erotic stuff.

And it’s so much more fun to do it outside under the silvery moonlight naked for all the world to see. I’m referring to the naked dancing and not the sleepy erotic stuff although the sleepy erotic stuff is great outside under silvery moonlight, but that’s a thing you should probably plan for like having a sleeping bag with you rather than just spontaneously shedding your clothes and dancing in moonbeams. (I bet you thought I was going to say silvery moonlight again. I almost did, but I caught myself.)

A cold front is supposed to come through these parts between now and then so it will be too cold for naked anything under the light which is silvery of the moon. (Now, it’s a challenge to come up with different ways of saying the same thing. I have a problem.) Unless you have the aforementioned sleeping bag with you then clearly you are prepared and maybe a little too OCD but I never seem to have a sleeping bag with me. A towel is much easier to keep with you and even then I often leave it behind. Of course, I’m stuck on  Earth, so what difference does it really make?

That last question which is actually the first question since it is the only question that has been asked unless you have been asking yourself why you are still reading was rhetorical and is not a rhetorical question I intend to answer at this time though I won’t rule out a possible answer at some future time. Apparently, some future time is now, so I’ll just asy the whole thing was a book reference or possibly a movie reference if you never read the book and if you haven’t you probably should. Although, not everyone gets the humor so you may not like it as much as I do.

I think I was talking or typing though it feels like talking in my head about having to keep clothes on while outside on the upcoming solstice celebration due to extreme lack of natural warmth not that my personality doesn’t radiate natural warmth. Just to be clear while I may think my personality radiates natural warmth doesn’t mean others are that clear about what it is radiating. And even if everyone is clear about what is radiating it is probably not radiating enough warmth to do the naked dancing in thirty degree weather. There is a chance for a frost in the northern counties of the viewing area tomorrow night and I’m in one of those northern counties.

I think what I’m trying to say about the winter solstice and it has taken me 645 words to do it is that it’s going to be a long cold night. Cheers!

This is DJ's pool. I thought it might remind Gwen of her pool, though she could just look out the window.

If you can’t abide the thought of a long cold night then gaze upon DJ’s swimming pool and you will start to feel warm inside and you might start radiating that warmth and you’ll be one of those warmth radiating personalities in no time.


20 thoughts on “Naked Erotic Moonlight Charms Edgy Solstice In Winter’s Pool

  1. An illustration of the answer to your question, “hey, you sass that hoopy sandylikeabeach? There’s a frood who knows where her towel is!”
    A happy solstice to you, and i’ll be waiting for the other side when the days begin their slow lengthening back to June.

  2. Hope you stop by for my holiday party, starting around 8 pm (Eastern) on the 23rd … and will go a couple of days! Your friends here are welcome too! Meanwhile, here one for you & the winter solstice.

  3. Any reason to party! (and such a terrific title). Plenty of warmth and cheer radiating here –
    It’s always darkest before the dawn? OK, Dawn is just gonna bring a flashlight to the party. The Mayas would approve. Merry on!

  4. Here, it will be a dark and stormy night — so it will start even earlier and be even darker. Kinda cool, if you ask me.

    Happy naked erotic moonlight dancing on the solstice, Sandy! And many happy returns.

  5. A towel is certainly useful in case of a spacecraft stopping to offer a lift.
    How about trying that naked dash out from sauna to roll in snow thing?
    I thought a cold front was standing topless in front of an open freezer door.

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