Foolishness Seekers Of The World Unite And Wish Happiness To The One Who Started It All (This May Be A Slight Exaggeration)

I just found out that today is a very special day and not just because it is Remember Pearl Harbor Day Eve. No, today is the birthday of one of the greatest bloggers on the planet. I would have said ‘in the universe’ but I’m not sure if there is blogging in other parts of the universe.

He’s not great because he writes every day. He’s great because he is everywhere. Everywhere I go, I see his gravatar and comments. He almost always comments. He is generous with praise and encouragement. He has a wonderful taste in music which he loves to share with the world. He organizes blog birthday parties and the weekly  Friday Foolishness polls (and never runs out of questions for his polls).

He writes the occasional limerick about Harry Potter which I don’t get because I have not read or seen any Harry Potter book or film. He has leaped out of planes, danced naked on bars and had the good sense to marry the most wonderful girl in the universe. He is a seeker of adventure and an admirer of slightly out of focus pictures taken by yours truly. He lives in the Big Apple and though we have never met, I think we would get along great if we were ever to meet.

Yes, I am talking about the big Guapola, the Guapster or as you may know him El Guapo.

HaPpY BiRtHdAy, GuApO!

I also want to thank Madame Weebles for alerting me to the specialness of the day. I could have thanked Lizzie or Elyse or Mr. Hotspur or Kayjai or Gingerfightback or H.E. Ellis but I read Weebles first. There may be others out there that have written a special birthday wish for our beloved blog buddy, but I haven’t found my way to your place so I don’t know what you have written.

That so many have written birthday wish posts in his honor is a testament to how much he is loved in this little part of the blogosphere. He’s one of a kind. I’m not sure when or how we became blog friends, but it seems we have always been blog buddies. And I am so much better for it.

I’d gush more about the Big Guapola but I need to dash off for some afternoon delight and should probably shave my legs before I go. But if you want to send a happy wish the big guy’s way, you can do that here.

This is a special picture just for the Guapster in honor of his birthday although it wasn't taken on his birthday. Happy Birthday Guapo!

This is a special picture just for the Guapster in honor of his birthday although it wasn’t taken on his birthday. Happy Birthday Guapo! And it’s in focus and underwater!!!!

Oh and I almost forgot to leave you with my favorite birthday toast:

May you live as long as you want to
And want to as long as you live!

23 thoughts on “Foolishness Seekers Of The World Unite And Wish Happiness To The One Who Started It All (This May Be A Slight Exaggeration)

    • Thanks, Weebs! And I am so glad I saw your post a little while ago so that I could do a shout out to the Guapster on his birthday. Your tribute was terrific, too!

  1. Not only do I have teh same brand of flippers, but they’re the same color too!!!!!

    And I think spending an afternoon with you ending with watching a sunset would definitely be a highlight for me.
    Thank you so much, Sandy!!! (I’m all choked up over here!)

    • You are SO welcome, my friend! And a very happy birthday to you. You have made my blog experience better just by being in it. If I ever make it back to take a nibble out of the Big Apple, we can swap bar dancing stories over a beer or two!

    • Thanks, Elyse. The toast does sound like it could be Irish in origin though I don’t remember where I first heard or read that toast, but I do love it. Of course, I have a little Irish in me.

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  5. This was great, Sandy! I’m just now getting a chance to read what everyone posted about the Guapmeister….he is a friend to sooo many people, it’s amazing. (and I LOVE that almost everyone has mentioned his naked bar dancing…haha…)

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