Hobson’s Choice Is No Choice At All (Daily Post Prompt Edition)

Today’s daily prompt is the following question:

If you had to choose between being able to write a blog (but not read others’) and being able to read others’ blogs (but not write your own), which would you pick? Why?

Write my own. Not a moment’s hesitation in those three words. I may not be the most prolific blogger and even without this blog, I would still write in old spiral notebooks and on those yellow legal pads. But blogging allows others to read my words and get a glimpse into my mind. It allows me, a quiet, shy person who can easily fade into the background a chance to let the me I know I can be out to play.

That’s not to say, I don’t enjoy reading other blogs because I do. I have read some amazing prose and poetry and glimpsed some incredible photographs. I have been moved to tears, laughed out loud and learned much from the various blogs I have visited. However, there are other things to read. Anyone remember books?


This is a response to the Daily Post Daily Prompt, though I am not a daily poster but I did post today.

15 thoughts on “Hobson’s Choice Is No Choice At All (Daily Post Prompt Edition)

  1. Well, I’m glad you blog.
    And while it would occasionally be nice to live in a black & white, either/or world, I’m glad that’s not often the case.

    • Thank you, Guapo. And much like you, I do adore black and white photography, but I see the world not so much in shades of gray but in an extraordinarily fabulous range of colors.

  2. In some ways, a chicken or the egg question. Then again, something to ponder. Glad that blogging is an outlet for something you enjoy doing. Meanwhile, cheers to your wit and creativity. I admire it because I’m not that way.

    • Thanks, Frank. I always find it interesting to read how other people see the world and am often surprised by how different another’s approach or viewpoint is and that is what makes the world such an interesting place. How dull it would be if we all thought and acted alike.

    • I know you know this since I remember you telling me that you work in a repository of information but for those who may not remember what they are, books are magical tomes that allow us to experience life from another viewpoint or take us to fantastical places or send us backwards or forwards in time. They allow our imaginations to run free. And sometimes they contain a useful fact or two. Reading is magical. Though some might say the same is true of electronic tomes, books still work when there is no electric power available.

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  4. Why do dumb Scotsmen have flat foreheads? When you tell them something blindingly obvious they (headsmack) say, “I shoulda known that!” I’m glad you stop by and comment occasionally. You poke me into doing the same. I’ve been posting at my usual glacial pace, but I’m more than a week behind on my usual rounds. Even when I visit someone’s site, I’ve been tongue(keyboard)-tied, and only hit *like*. This post shows that ya gotta speak up, or nobody will answer. I’ll explain “books” to John. I’m reading three, concurrently. Hi, Frank! Happy Bday, Guap!

    • My friend, I also suffer from tongue(keyboard)-tied-ness and often only click the like button. I do enjoy reading your words and am always thrilled when you (or anyone else – apparently I am easily thrilled) leave a comment. I just don’t always respond promptly because I think my memory may be slipping as I move slowly towards advanced decrepitude.

      Thanks, as always, for stopping by.

  5. I like reading your words and I like to blog myself too. That would be a difficult choice for me as I enjoy partaking in others’ frivolity and views in their world…

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