Sexiest Man Consumed Pecan Wine For Early Morning Tap Dance

Today is the day that some people feel compelled to write a post expressing their gratitude over all the things for which they are grateful. Since I didn’t write such a post last year that I could simply reblog (not that I’ve seen anyone do that today), I’ve been thinking about the things for which I’m grateful which got me thinking about the things I didn’t get.

I didn’t get named People’s Sexiest Man of the Year which is good because I’m not a man but I was kind of hoping someone would notice that I am slightly buffer than I was at this time last year but alas no one did and now I think I may be losing my buffness because my workouts have diminished as some of my late nights zapped my early morning energy and I consumed a large bag of chocolate amaretto pecans in just a couple of weeks. Okay, it was five days, maybe, four, but the point is I need to get back to my buffer body so I’m grateful for the chance to still do that.

I also didn’t make Barbara Walters Most Fascinating People list. Of course, I kind of forgot she even did that list until I saw the names of the Most Fascinating People. Interestingly, I cannot remember any of the names on the list so I must not have found it that fascinating. And the thing about being fascinating is it’s mostly in the eye of the beholder. I would rather be fascinating to the people that know me than to strangers so I’m grateful that a couple of people think I’m fascinating or interesting though now that I think about it, mostly what I hear is “You’re a funny girl,” but it’s said in that way that you’re not sure if they mean funny haha or funny weird but really either way is fine with me so I’m grateful for that.

I also didn’t win the lottery or at least I don’t think I won, but I haven’t checked my ticket. I should probably do that. I might be the winner of $250 million. Just think of all the people I could help with that kind of money. So hold on, I’m going to go get my ticket and check the numbers. Keep your fingers crossed! Be right back.

Okay, all that finger crossing didn’t help. Of course, how could it? The drawing was last night and you’re reading this now. Well, the bad news is I didn’t win but the good news is neither did anybody else! The big prize rolls over to $325 million. I may have to invest another $2 in that dream.

Even though I didn’t win the lottery, I am about to enter my fifth year of unemployment and so far my savings are keeping up with my modest lifestyle. I can spend my days however I want, and my nights, too, but most people have nights off unless they work the night shift. I volunteer, garden, read, do yoga, go to movies, kayak, tap dance, experiment in the kitchen, occasionally herd goats and stay up late talking and laughing with my best friend a few nights a week.  It’s a simple and uncluttered life or at least it is getting more uncluttered as I have been divesting myself of stuff. Getting rid of stuff is quite liberating. There is so much you can do without. So I’m grateful for all of that I have been able to do without and so very grateful for the simple pleasures that come my way each day.

Then there is you. This little bit of nonsense that I write from time to time has been a wonderful creative outlet for me. I am not the bloggiest blogger. I don’t post everyday or on any kind of set schedule. I don’t post many comments but I am delighted or moved by the many blogs I read. So I’m grateful to have found a safe place for my imagination to play and I am so very grateful to each of you that take the time to read my silly meanderings.

Happy Thanksgiving One and All!

I should have taken the picture before we ate instead of after but I was in a hurry to get to my pecan themed holiday meal. Yes, pecans made an appearance in the dressing (my favorite), the sweet potatoes (so yummy) and with some dried cranberries jazzed up the green beans. Sadly, they did not keep this picture in focus but that was probably more the wine’s fault.

19 thoughts on “Sexiest Man Consumed Pecan Wine For Early Morning Tap Dance

    • This is the first time I’ve used pecans in three dishes on the menu and it turned out very well. Hope you are having a fabulous Thanksgiving, Katy. Loved your post today – I always seem to have another think coming.

    • Quack! I only say that because this year while shopping for my frozen turkey I saw frozen ducks. I’ve never seen frozen ducks at the grocery store though I’ve never really looked for them but this time they were right there between the frozen turkeys and the frozen cornish game hens. I think they (the frozen ducks) are more a Christmas meal than a Thanksgiving meal or maybe I’m thinking of a goose.

  1. Did you say pecans? mmm…my favorite! I really enjoyed reading your post! A simple and uncluttered life sounds great to me!

  2. A happy belated thanksgiving, SandyLikeABeach.
    The blogosphere would be a much poorer place without you in it.

    Please put me down for an advance copy of your coffee table book “Out Of Focus: The Pictures, Not The Author. Mostly. And Probably The Reader Too. Maybe.”

    • Thanks, Guapo. I love the title for my next, okay, first coffee table book and how cool would it be if it were slightly out of focus pictures of coffee tables with books on them or of coffee table books?

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  4. Happy belated Thanksgiving Sandy (sorry it’s taken me so long to get back around). Sorry to report, I didn’t win the big lotto either. Damn! … yet well said about the blogging connections!

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