I Hope They Bring Me A Souvenir

I write because the words requested a vacation from my brain. I tried to tell them every computer screen looks the same but they wanted to see for themselves. And off they went.


Since I am always at a loss for words when asked why I write, this answer to Trifecta’s weekend challenge was truly a challenge. I was tempted to write ‘I don’t know.’ eleven times, but then those 33 words showed up and asked for their places on the screen.

One of my most loved comic strips and some how it seemed appropriate. Even though it was written decades ago, Calvin & Hobbes is timelessly funny and you can read it at Gocomics.com.


27 thoughts on “I Hope They Bring Me A Souvenir

  1. hahaha your words remind me of little kids, needing to see everything for themselves (:

    • Thanks, Janna! I start everyday at go comics.com to read my three favorite comics and two of them ended years ago. It’s nice to read them and start my day with a laugh or at least a smile.

  2. One of the things here that will be saved if there is a fire is the collected 3 volume Calvin and Hobbes! (A gift for my wife)
    And the collected Far Side. (A gift from my wife.)

    As always, you take the writing challenges to places that would never occur to me.
    And then I kick myself for not thinking of that because, yeah,it’s perfect!

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