Rush To Experience Climaxes A Greater Challenge For Angels

Long ago and far away, a diminutive blogger started a 30 Day Challenge. I believe we have arrived at Day Four though Day Three was a couple of weeks ago. As I recall, the 30 Day Challenge did not specifically require the challenge be completed in 30 sequential days which is good because I’m not that committed to write everyday.  I know. I know. All you writers and writer wannabes are probably screaming at your laptops “You need to write everyday!!” I hear you. I’ve heard it before and it makes sense. But I don’t do it. Which is why Day Four of The Challenge is occurring a couple of weeks after Day Three.

For Day Four’s challenge I’ve decided to go with Challenge 30 – One thing you’re excited for. I don’t know what you’re excited for so I’ll go with what I’m excited for except that in keeping with my low expectation philosophy I try to curb my enthusiasm about events that I hope will happen but have little control over the outcome and let’s face it, I have little control over any outcome. It seems anytime I get too excited about something before it happens, the actual happening of that something often seems a bit anti-climatic. Climatic in this sense has nothing to do with the climate and everything to do with climaxes.

As we all know, climaxes are the pinnacles of experiences, the apexes of dreams coming true and they feel good, but if you use up all of that feel good energy getting excited before the experience comes around there may not be enough left for the actual experience so the actual experience seems lacking, hence my tendency to curb my enthusiasm until the actual experiencing of the experience. Also, best laid plans and all, something usually goes astray.

Take this weekend for example. A few weeks ago I purchased tickets to see Rush, the band not the bloated windbag, with my good friend who is a huge music fan and a huge Rush fan. He was excited. I was excited. We talked about how great it was going to be and how excited we were to be able to experience this experience together. Then that best laid plans thing happened. He had a family obligation pop up and now is on his way to Colorado and won’t be back in time to experience the long awaited experience we were so looking forward to.

I’m still looking forward to it and looking for a person who might want a free ticket to see Rush on their Clockwork Angels Tour this Saturday night. So far, everyone I’ve asked is either not a fan of the band or they will be out of town. So it’s looking like I’ll be experiencing the Rush experience by myself with thousands of other fans so technically I won’t be by myself but it will feel that way. So if you live in the greater Tampa area and would like to experience the Rush experience and don’t mind sitting next to a diminutive blogger, I have a ticket for you.

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