A Swinger’s Life For Me

I live in a swing state which is good because I like to swing. I didn’t realize I was living with so many fellow swingers. I had heard rumors about that Villages place but I don’t believe everything I read on Craigslist. It’s been awhile since last I swung. But it’s not for a lack of desire. Nay, ’tis for a lack of swings.

I simply adore the swings of my youth. Those high cross bars strung with very long chains with the rubber half moon seats that snugly cup your bottom and you just know there will be no limit to how high you can soar. And soar, you do. So high. So high that you are facing the ground at the top of the back swing. And the swing gives a little jerk as it starts to fall before it eases into its downswing. Then you lean back into it as it starts to soar upward. All you can see is blue sky and white wispy clouds. You’re flat on your back wondering if this will be the time you swing full circle. And just as you think this is the time you will, you start to fall back and pick up speed, the air rushing past your head. And you lean back into the fall, smiling at the sky, just to do it all again.

Yes, I love that swinging feeling. But nowadays, it requires a dedicated search to locate decent swings. Many of the parks only have those little kid swings. The kind that look like high chairs without legs. They have little belts for safety. None of the swings of my youth had safety belts and while I think a safety belt is a good idea in a car and on a plane, a safety belt on a swing defeats the purpose. It’s like the builders of parks think only little kids want to swing.

That’s weird. I have enjoyed swinging throughout my life. I swing every chance I get. I thought I had died and gone to heaven when I arrived at my college campus and saw the swings. The swings weren’t on the campus, but the campus was across the street from the main entrance into Audubon Park. And at the front of the park were a set of the tallest swings I would ever swing.

And swing I did. Every chance I got. You’d be surprised at the number of chances a college coed gets. Another great thing about those swings as with all swings, was you got a different perspective if you tried swinging the other way. Often I faced into the park with its trail around the little golf course and pond. Other times, I faced the campus and the traffic along St. Charles Avenue. And of course, I would always wave to the riders on the streetcar as it clattered by. Sometimes I would swing in the rain which is not the same as sing in the rain. The difference is the “w.”

You might think that since I’m such a swinger, I love living in a swing state and mostly I do, but lately, I’ve grown tired of all the political ads on television and the campaign flyers that arrive in my mailbox. I actually grew tired of it early this year, but it sounded better to say lately. The campaign flyers of one Jimmie T. Smith are not at all effective. He’s running for a state congressional seat but I wouldn’t and didn’t since I already voted but not for him and I wouldn’t have if he were the only one running which he isn’t. He has sent a campaign flyer to me three or four times a week since July. Clearly, he is not concerned about the environment and that offends me so I didn’t vote for him.

Anyway, back to the ads of which I am sick and basically tune out when I hear them. They come fast and furious one after the other but eventually it all sounds like the teacher in those Charlie Brown specials. Who are they trying to sway? Are there really that many undecided voters out there? I think many of the undecided voters are faking ambivalence to avoid political debates. I know this because I sometimes fake ambivalence when asked about who I favor to avoid heated political debate. Sometimes I’m just not in the mood for it. I think it’s plausible that many of the undecided are faking it.

If that is the case, the election may not be as close as the media and its pundits are making it out to be. I do know that the two billion dollars spent on this campaign could have been used in a far better way. A little of it could have been used to build a few parks with decent swings. I’m going to need that swinging feeling to get through the next few days.

Not only did I find this on Wikimedia Commons, it is the same time period I was there.  Late 70s for those who can’t tell by the cars. This is like stepping back in time and standing on campus waiting to cross the street to the park. And it even has the streetcar in it, although the streetcar is hiding the swings. Still, it’s cool!


15 thoughts on “A Swinger’s Life For Me

  1. that feeling when there’s just a bit of slack at the high point – you put me there in the middle of the ‘danger zone’ 😉 Thanks for the memory, you took us all back for a swing.

  2. Among the tons of campaign lit I’ve received in the mail over the past week was one which was one of those two sided, heavy duty paper stock deals which is not quite cardboard and not quite paper. All glossy. You know what I mean. Anyway, it was a trashy rant against the opposing party and its candidates. They stand for this and they have done that and they kick puppies and they are mean to their mothers. You know, fun stuff. The amusing part was that NO WHERE on this classic example of Western promotion did it mention who their party’s candidates are. “Don’t worry about who we are; worry about who they are.” lol

    • That’s too funny. I barely glanced at all the political crap ads I received on the walk from the mailbox to the house. Fortunately, I didn’t have to take it in the house as the recycling bin is in the garage.

  3. I too miss those old swings, the ones that were flat and you could go so high.

    Even as a political geek living in a swing state (VA) I am sick of this campaign. Looking forward to Wednesday. I think. And I think you’re right that there aren’t a whole lot of undecided voters out there. And those who are are going to get bumped on the see-saw.

    • I’m looking forward to Wednesday, too. I’ve pretty much given up on watching TV or spending too much time online as I am so tired of the hyperbole and vitriol.

  4. But there’s a point on the upswing which, if it can be timed right, makes for the greatest flying dismounts!

    I think a lot of political ads are like ads for coke and pepsi. They just want to keep their name on your mind, whether you’re actively listening or not…

    • I remember those flying dismounts! I haven’t attempted one since I was a kid and given my not quite as spry as I once was state shall not be attempting a flying dismount anytime soon.

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