Divine Imagination Definitely Used In Downstream Dreaming

So I have had an interesting past couple of days. I was going to calculate the number of hours it has been and use that instead of ‘couple of days’ but that was too taxing on my brain. But now that I think about it, it hasn’t even been 48 hours yet. I haven’t had much sleep. I think the last night I slept well was Tuesday, although it could have been Monday. Operating on just two or three hours of sleep a night gets to me eventually with eventually meaning sooner rather than later.

Anyway, yesterday I went kayaking with the paddle club. We had a small group probably because it wasn’t all downstream. Some people don’t like to go against the flow. We did a route on the southern backwaters of the Homosassa River that I had never been on. It was a gorgeous day – sunny and breezy. The route we took kept us out of the main river which can be a tough paddle because the current can be strong and there are quite a few power boats on the river heading out to the gulf.

I took some pictures. This was only my second time trying to take pictures while kayaking and it was much breezier this time. Plus I’m still not quite used to the underwater housing and while I didn’t take the camera under water, I wanted to keep it dry in case it ended up in the water. Kayaks can tip over though it hasn’t yet happened to me.

And today I had to go dumpster diving if a dumpster can be a garbage can in a public location and in this story that is exactly what it can be and is. I had met Jean and Betty at the movies. Jean has these cups that allow you to get a giant soda for a dollar. What a bargain! So anyway I was running late though I wasn’t actually running and lest you think that is why I was late, it wasn’t. I left later than I should have.

I tried calling to let them know I might be late and they should go in and I would find them but it went straight to voice mail. I figured they would go in anyway and was fully prepared to use a coupon I had for a free small soda. But when I got there, Jean was waiting with a cup. They went ahead into the theater while I waited in the concession line.

So long story short, after the end of the movie as we are walking out I’m thinking I had used the coupon so I tossed the cup in the garbage can. When we got to the theater lobby, Jean was like so where is my cup and I was like I threw it in the trash and she was like I guess you’ll be going dumpster diving and I was like I’ll be right back. So I had to go back up the ramp to the theater and there were two garbage cans outside of the door and I couldn’t recall which one I had chosen. I think it was a lack of sleep thing. Anyway I picked the wrong can, but found success in the second and luckily we went to the first screening of the day and there weren’t many people there so my rummaging in the garbage can was accomplished with a minimal yuck factor. It’s not the first time I had to rummage through a garbage can but it has been the most recent.

I really think it was a lack of sleep thing and not a losing my mind thing though it could be a little of both. I don’t think I got any sleep after 2:45 a.m. but Dex said I did sleep because I was snoring. And I said I didn’t remember that, of course you can only remember sleeping if you can remember dreaming and I didn’t so I didn’t remember snoring. But what I said was that I remembered hearing him snore and it was pretty loud at times. But he said he heard me snoring. So I guess he was awake while I was snoring and I was awake while he was snoring. I still maintain that my wakefulness exceeded his.

It was his birthday yesterday. I baked some pumpkin chocolate chip cookies yesterday because I thought we might see each other today and I know he likes those cookies. Turns out we did see each other today. He liked the cookies. I had a couple of them for breakfast. They are tasty. And more cake like than cookie like which with this cookie really works well. They’re not quite on the level of my praline cookies because those are divine, but these are definitely an excellent go to cookie recipe and so very easy to do.

So now you know what I’ve been doing more or less and in this case less is better as more is not always the better choice. Some things really should be left to the imagination.

I love Pearls Before Swine!  I got this from gocomics.com. I had to put something funny in this post because I tagged it as humor and it really wasn’t that funny, but now it is though it wasn’t me being funny. But I’m okay with that.

25 thoughts on “Divine Imagination Definitely Used In Downstream Dreaming

  1. Into each life a little yuck must ooze?
    To yuck or not to yuck? But laughter is important. And I had to laugh. ( and the cookies do sound good, better than the yuck search environment.
    Someday I want to go kayaking…better wait until water is warmer because I’m sure to tip over. Will be walking until then.

  2. But, what movie did you see? I realize this point is irrelevant to the stories contained in said post, however, I need to know…so. Yeah. Movie title please. And thank you.

    • I thought about mentioning the movie, but didn’t want to get off on a movie review. We saw Pitch Perfect and we all thought it was great. If you like acapella music and Glee, you’ll probably like it. We laughed all the way though, too. The music, and there was a lot of it, was really good and it was all acapella.

      • I’ve been wanting to see it but can’t seem to find a buddy to go. I’ll see who I can bribe…

  3. Maybe things shouldn’t be left to the imagination. Maybe you weren’t HALF as undignified as the picture I have in my mind of feet kicking out of the top of a trash can thingy?
    About the heading: I thought you were doing upstream?

  4. Even with the garbage sifting, sounds like what you’ve been up to is, as most times, enjoying yourself!

    Though I’m surprised you haven’t rolled your kayak yet. I can’t seem to get in water over 10 feet deep without flipping at least once.
    Yeah, it’s deliberate sometimes, but still….

    • I came close to rolling a kayak the first time I was in a “sit in” kayak since they are less stable than the “sit on top” kayaks. But now I use the same borrowed kayak every time so I’ve gotten the balancing thing down with this one. Of course, sometimes we do park the kayaks on the bank and swim.

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