Essences Of Twisted Thyme In The Garden Of Thumbelina

So it’s been awhile since last I posted. I think I was doing some sort of 30 day challenge thing when I last posted. I might pick that up again at some point in time, but this isn’t some point in time. This is this point in time and some may be wondering what I’ve been doing with my time. I’ve been wondering, too.

So in no particular order since I can’t quite remember what was happening when last I posted (I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of typing ‘when last I posted.’ Sadly, people don’t talk like this anymore.), I thought I’d share the highlights of the recent past as experienced by moi. (I should really be practicing my Spanish since I may someday be living in a a country where English is not the first language. I’ve been considering moving to Panama, but don’t think I’ll be able to do that until my early sixties.)

I took a tap dance class on Tuesday. It’s been 18 years since last I tapped. Ok, that doesn’t work as well as ‘last I posted,’ so clearly, I need to rewrite that sentence. It’s been 18 years since I last tapped. Yes, that sounds better. Anyway, the Thursday before I got an urge to visit my old dance teacher. Not that she’s old. She’s five years younger than me. I mean that I used to take dance classes from her. I paid for them. Take doesn’t mean what you might think it means if you’re not a native English speaker. That’s why English is such a difficult language for non-native English speakers to learn. I always thought the tonal languages would be harder to learn, though I have never tried.

Anyway, while we were talking, I mentioned I might want to try dance classes again. Longtime readers of which there are maybe two who might remember know that I attempted a comeback at jazz dance last year. I lasted about three months. When they (the 13-15 year olds who have been dancing since they were three) started working on leaps and jumps, my 54 year old bones said “No more!” I was hoping they would say “Nevermore” and not just because of the obvious Halloween literary reference in the month of All Hallow’s Eve. Anyway, I had my first tap class after 18 years. Just to be clear, 18 years ago I took tap for two years and kind of sucked at it.

Once again I am dancing with 10 to 13 year old girls. And they were pretty nice about it. They have been working on time steps, riffs and essences over the last eight weeks. I was trying to get my left foot to shuffle in a way that would look less spastic than it did. My right foot did okay despite the occasional misstep if occasional means an embarrassingly high number. I vowed that I would practice before the next class and Miss Ronnie, my teacher though I call her Ronnie because I’m not eight years old, helped me remember what we had done in class and write it down. Although it kind of sounds like I am eight years old since I needed help with writing. I was tired.

The problem with practicing at home is that I have wood floors and the tap shoes will scratch the floors. So I went online looking for a tap mat. They’re expensive! I don’t even know how long I might keep tapping so I don’t want to spend $150 which was about the average price I saw. Then I saw instructions to make your own by getting a piece of plywood and attaching it to some foam that should run about $30 though I think the comment was a couple of years ago so it might be more now. But I don’t need cushioning foam because my house is built on a stem wall with wood subfloors. Then I read a comment about doing the same thing but with MDF. I decided I could maybe get a piece of MDF and lay it down on my yoga mat so it wouldn’t slip on the floor. And that’s what I did. It cost me $6. What a bargain!

I’ve been doing yoga again. Well, I never really stopped in that stretching is a part of my day everyday and many of the stretches I do are rooted in yoga poses, but I have once again begun a formal yoga practice. I got a DVD which has five 20 minute practices on it and it is designed to be done in the morning. So that’s what I’ve been doing. I wake up, sometimes I put on clothes, then I do yoga. I just started yesterday. Yesterday, I did standing poses and today I did twisted poses. Then after yoga I do one of my usual workouts. So far, I’ve been keeping up the usual workouts and have only missed a few days. I don’t want to say I’ve passed the beginning stage because I’m better at beginnings. I fall apart in the middles so I never see the ends. I think as long as I keep telling myself I’m in the beginning I won’t fall apart. So far it is working.

I joined my little community’s garden club today after attending my first meeting. I’m spontaneous. I also got two very healthy little organically grown herbs that I will continue to nurture organically. I got chocolate mint which smells just like it sounds though it doesn’t have a real strong chocolate taste. I tasted it first. I also got a little thyme. It smells so good. I put them on the back porch with my sweet basil and cilantro. Cilantro is difficult to grow in Florida. It doesn’t like the humidity. So far it seems to be doing okay though it has been less humid the last few days.

My little herb garden on my porch. My dad built the table.

Since it is the month of All Hallow’s Eve (or Hallows’ Eve, I’ve seen it both ways), I put up my Halloween decorations. I did that yesterday. So it feels a bit festive in these parts. And now you’re mostly caught up on my recent past or as caught up as you need to be. I could talk about how I volunteered to take on the retelling of Thumbelina for Hellis’ project, but that could be a whole post by itself and as most of my longtime readers (probably the same two from my earlier mention) know I am always looking for appropriate subject matter on which to post so I should save that material for another post although I should be working on the actual Thumbelina thing but I’m so not sure about what to do.

I’m not that familiar with the story except that she was small and I’m small so I figured that was something. Then I wasn’t sure if I should familiarize myself with the story or just pretend like I knew the story and then I wasn’t sure if I should read the other fable retellings that others are writing. I don’t think I want to be influenced by anything except my mind so I have held off reading the other fables until I’ve written more than the two paragraphs I’ve written. That was two weeks ago. Luckily, I’m a procrastinator so I have lots of time. I think the deadline is April so I’ll be telling myself I have lots of time until early April. Just kidding. Maybe.

Well, now that I’ve used the material for a possible post in this post I’ll end this post by saying I don’t know when I will post again though hopefully it won’t be as long as since last I posted.

Everyone likes my cool black Halloween cat. The doormat has seen better days though it’s hard to keep a decorative doormat looking good as part of its purpose, nay some would say its primary directive is to serve as a place to wipe the soles of shoes.


20 thoughts on “Essences Of Twisted Thyme In The Garden Of Thumbelina

  1. I used to tap as a child & I remember it was difficult. Congrats on starting tap lessons again. I can’t wait to see what you do with the rest of the 30 Questions. I am also the type to “fall apart in the middle” of an exercise program. When I used to do this, I would try to convince myself to go just a little bit further every day (even if it was just 1 more minute) & then I would feel like I was making progress.

  2. I love dance. Tap is the only style I’ve never had lessons for. I’ve always wanted to try. I love watching it in the old movies. I’m feeling more and more like an old creaky woman so I’m not sure how I’d do.

    • Of all the styles of dance I’ve tried, I think tap is the toughest to execute but it is not as hard on my body as some other styles. It also challenges my brain. Learning the names of the steps and the nuances between a step, stamp and stomp then getting my feet to execute them properly sometimes leaves me feeling like a spastic klutz but I think that will be temporary.

  3. It’s great that you are dancing again, Sandy. Next thing you know you’ll be in Lord of the Dance. Yay you! As for the fairy tale thing, I’m supposed to do Sleeping Beauty and haven’t even begun to imagine how I’m doing that one. I did revisit the story, but it didn’t really help. I’m thinking I’ll finish my version at the beginning of April as well…we can procrastinate together.

  4. You sound like you’ve found fun and relaxing ways to spend your time!
    Glad you’re enjoying yourself, and hoping you’ll work tapdancing and herbs into you Thumbelina update!

  5. So you still found you had some talent on tap? 🙂
    Yoga and tap does seem a strange combination, though.
    Now you’ve got me remembering the old Danny Kaye (first one) song: Thumbelina what’s it matter if you’re very small; when your heart is full of love you’re nine feet tall.’

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