So-so Challenge To Yourself Yields Satisfying Niblets Of Excitement

This is day three of the 30 Day Challenge where I tackle another question from the list. Today I will be answering Question 26 – Things you like and dislike about yourself. Once again this is neither a question nor a statement. Now the word question never appears on the 30 Day Challenge so you may be wondering why I call them questions. I have no idea except that it feels like it should be in question format and quite frankly, I find the fielder’s choice of whether the items should be approached as questions or directives unsatisfying. Take a stand. Be a question or be a directive.

If Item 26 on the list were a question I think it would be posed as ‘What do you like and dislike about yourself?’ If it were a directive, it would command you to ‘Tell us what you like and dislike about yourself and spare no detail.’ Clearly, the directive is looking for more information. Perhaps I am reading too much into this and should simply think of it as Challenge 26.

Challenge 26 – Things you like and dislike about yourself. I don’t know what things you like and dislike about yourself, but I like that it starts with a “y” and ends with an “f” because one of my names ends in “y” and one of my names starts with “F.” I like that it is balanced. It has eight letters and two syllables and each syllable has four letters. All those even numbers imply balance which is a great reminder if you ever find yourself feeling out of sorts. You can tell yourself that balance is not only achievable, it is an inherent part of being yourself.

To get to the thing you dislike about yourself required a bit of out-of-the-circle thinking or maybe it is a case of inside-the-circle and if I am truly worthy perhaps it will be part-of-the-circle thinking because a circle is perfect and thinking that falls along that circle must be part perfection. I dislike the egocentric nature of it, with it being yourself. There are constant admonishments or well meaning niblets of encouragement, depending on your point of view, to yourself. “Be yourself.” “Like, no, LOVE yourself.” “Be kind to yourself.” “Forgive yourself.” “Treat yourself.” They go on and on.

Yet I find the best way for yourself to be is to focus less on the self and the your not at all. Yes, I am an advocate for selflessness. Obviously, you must take care of yourself or you will not be able to be selfless. Attaining selflessness is not easy and yet most of the great teachers through the ages have taught the concept. I’m not sure if most of the great teachers’ followers have recognized and applied the concept. When I look at the state of the world around me, I tend to think that the number is less than most.

How is selflessness attained? It requires tolerance, acceptance, foregoing judgement, helping those less fortunate, putting others before yourself. This is can be difficult to do. Sometimes it requires letting go of long held beliefs. It requires conscious critical thinking. While I am a long way from achieving it, I do know when I have had those selfless moments, they are some of the most satisfying moments I’ve had.

I seem to have taken a more serious turn when I started with the circle talk. Sometimes circles have that effect on me. So to recap, I like the ‘y’ and the ‘f’ and I think the best way to be yourself is to be less of yourself, because it’s not all about you. Sometimes, it’s about circles. But not this time. This time is one of those yourself times, so be your lesser self. That didn’t come out right. So go forth and be yourself, just less so.

I always wanted to start and end a sentence with the same word and I just did that in the previous sentence! Sometimes I surprise myself which is not easy since I usually know what I am thinking. This post officially ended with the So-so sentence but I was so excited about the So-so beginning-ending thing I had to share my excitement so now I won’t be ending with a So-so sentence though there may be those who think it was so-so. So it goes……….

There is quite a bit of green in the picture, but I like the part with the turtle. You can see its tail! The turtle tail got me so excited I forgot that there is another turtle in the picture but you can’t see its tail.

11 thoughts on “So-so Challenge To Yourself Yields Satisfying Niblets Of Excitement

  1. Suit yourself? – oh, don’t bother wrapping in restricting high fashion clothes…it’s trendy as is…
    And if you closely examine, yourself, is topography: starting with waves and currents deep, flows over the sand and dunes, bumps along foothills to reach glorious craggy mountain heights among the clouds.
    cool post

  2. So, am I reading correctly that you completed a whole post about Challenge 26 without actually answering the challenge? Did I miss something? Was I so enamored with the turtle picture that I did not notice you answer the challenge? Hmmm….

  3. I think the other turtle is just a tall tale … tail … tale! I don’t see it, with or without stern appendage. So is it as clear as it is so? (That one works backwards and forwards – can’t remember the name for such animals but I just had to show off.)

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