Challenge By AKC Thwarted Pet’s Dream Of Being A Peeve

Yesterday, I accepted the 30 Day Challenge and answered a question about nothing. The question wasn’t about nothing, but my answer was, or more specifically, it was about expecting nothing. There is a difference between nothingness and expecting nothing. If my previous post had been about nothingness, I would have had to use my favorite quote from  Being And Nothingness, “For being is the being of becoming and due to this fact it is beyond becoming. It is what it is.”

You can’t tell from this angle, but this is a thick book.  I think it’s weird that a book about nothingness can take up so much space.

I’m not sure, but it may be the first published work to give us the “It is what it is” philosophy. I do know that for a book about nothingness, it goes on a bit. It goes on for 798 pages if you don’t count the Key to Special Terminology at the end and I didn’t. However, today I am leaving nothingness behind as I focus on the next question to tickle my fancy. Yesterday, it was Question 27. Today, I am discarding the 2 and focusing on the 7.

Question 7 – Five pet peeves. Once again, this is not a question or a statement. It is three words if you don’t count Question and I didn’t.  Of course, it is also vaguely reminiscent of  Ed Sullivan saying, “And now, the Five Pet Peeves!” Then we would be treated to some sort of acrobatic juggling fire while riding bicycles routine that would leave us breathless. But I’m not in a acrobatic fire juggling mood, so I’ll just say I don’t have five pet peeves.

I don’t have pets of any kind. I almost had a pet peeve once, but the American Kennel Club thwarted my pet peeve dreams. It was the fall of 1988 and I acquired a three pound puppy which eventually grew to be a six pound dog. My little Yorkie pup came with papers that were to be filled out with two name choices and sent in to the AKC.

I filled in my first name choice for my little bundle of fur – My Pet Peeve and my second name choice – My Little Chelsea Girl, then I mailed the papers to the AKC and waited but not with bated breath, because that seemed a bit melodramatic. In the meantime, I called the newest addition to the household Peevie or Chelsea. I rotated the names depending on the day of the week. There is some debate as to whether the early name confusion contributed to the goofiness of my little pupster. I tend to think goofy is as goofy does and she was definitely goofy from the get go, so I feel her goofiness was innate and therefore the early name confusion debate is meaningless in the grand scheme of things as all things are.

In a matter of weeks, I received the envelope containing the papers that would reveal her name. I just knew she would be My Pet Peeve. My dreams of walking my little pupster through a park and having strangers approach me and say, “What a cute little dog! What’s her name?” and my happy reply of, “This is my pet, Peeve” would be realized. My expectations were high because I had not yet learned the lesson of expecting nothing.

Sadly, upon opening the envelope, my goofy little dog learned her AKC name was to be My Little Chelsea Girl which I shortened to Chelsea. My little dog could not read, I had to tell her the sad news. She seemed not to mind, but she was a bit goofy about these things. I was crushed. My peevish pet dream died that day. Someone else had claimed the name and I was left peeve-less.

Thusly ends my tale of the Five Pet Peeves except there weren’t any pet peeves. There was almost a pet Peeve, but almost doesn’t count except in horse shoes and hand grenades, so we were left without a peeve. And it pains me to say this, but being peeve-less left me feeling just a wee bit peeved.

These were my two goofy dogs – Chelsea and Chauncey, though he was less goofy than she. You can see the goofiness in her face. She used to smile, too. It was the funniest thing. And smiling made her sneeze. So it was smile, smile, sneeze and repeat. Like I said, she was goofy from the get go.

19 thoughts on “Challenge By AKC Thwarted Pet’s Dream Of Being A Peeve

  1. So you have memories of Ed Sullivan too? Love the pic of your 2 cuties! Thanks for keeping up with the challenge. I look forward to more!

    • Chelsea & Chauncey were the cutest and goofiest couple of dogs a girl could have.

      I can only assume the AKC put the kibosh on My Pet Peeve because it was already taken or they didn’t like my sense of humor since they didn’t give me an explanation.

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