How I Spent The Last Day Of Summer In Pictures With Captions

They say every picture tells a story. Sometimes it takes more than one picture to tell a story which proves that they don’t always know what they are talking about. This story requires many pictures. This story is about how I spent the last day of summer.

The story began early. I had to be at my friend’s by 9 a.m. I try not to have to be anywhere before 10 a.m., but sometimes I have to alter my routine. Today was one of those sometimes. Β The motley crew assembled and boarded the vessel and off we set.

We’re on the vessel and we’re setting off or out.

We’re on the boat on the Crystal River and we’re heading for the Gulf of Mexico.

We’re almost to the mouth of the river. We didn’t have to go this slow the whole way, but some parts of the river have speed limits on them to keep the manatees from running into the boats or to keep the boats from running into manatees. We saw a manatee, but I didn’t get a picture of it.

Following another boat out. Next stop Mexico. Not really but if we kept going in this direction and had enough fuel on board, we still wouldn’t make it. Our boat isn’t that big, but Mexico is in this direction.

I should warn you that some of the pictures might make you feel seasick. We were going fast and I just randomly clicked away unless the picture looks fabulous in which case I rock as a photographer. I just don’t rock that often.

This is an underwater picture. I housed my camera in an underwater housing and took pictures. I was supposed to be taking scallops from their grass bed homes so that I could turn them into a future meal. Will I find any scallops?

There’s one!

I also took an underwater picture of me because who doesn’t want a picture of themselves that gives the impression that their lips are deformed.

That’s our vessel. No one’s on board because we’re all in the water looking for scallops.

Gwen found a scallop!

Do you see the scallop hiding in the grass? Look for the blue eyes.

Someone (not me – I’m the photographer, remember?) got a bag of scallops. The bag was heavy but while you’re in the water it doesn’t feel that heavy.

That’s a remora. Glen took this picture because he was still in the water when the remora came calling while I was on the boat documenting the cleaning of the scallops. Anything to get out of cleaning scallops!

That’s what a scallop looks like on the inside. We had to scrape out the band of eyes around the edge of the shells and the other slimy stuff.

After all the slimy scraping is done, you end up with this little nugget of meat. All of our (yes, I did clean some this time) slimy scraping yielded three quart bags of scallops.

Everyone was a perpetrator of the slimy eviscerations of the scallops. Or, to put it another way, we all helped clean the scallops.

All the scallops have been eviscerated and the precious meat preserved in plastic bags so we are heading back. I know it looks like we’re heading out to sea but we are out at sea and heading back in. You’ll just have to trust me on this. We’ll soon see land.

There’s land. I told you we would soon see it.

It was low tide when we got back to Kings Bay which is where the main spring is that feeds the Crystal River. Rocks were exposed and an anhinga found a spot to dry its wings. I like this picture.

I spotted and photographed this great blue heron just before we arrived at the dock.

So that was how I spent the last day of summer in pictures with captions. I had fun. I hope you had fun on the last day of summer. I’m signing off with my best scallop picture ever!

This is my best scallop picture ever! And yes, the ever is redundant. There can only be one best. And this was it and it happened on the last day of summer.

26 thoughts on “How I Spent The Last Day Of Summer In Pictures With Captions

  1. I am gree- no, I am scallop-eye blue with envy at the way you spent the last day of summer.
    And even better, your weather will hold for a while to keep doing that!

    And you rock as a photographer.

    • Yes, it will feel like summer for another month although early mornings are a bit cooler now, but scallop season closes on the 24th so not too many more chances to do that until next year.

  2. I’m glad you showed us the inside of the scallop. I love to eat them and never knew they had a band of eyes. Eww. Actually, maybe I’m not so glad you shared that. Haha!
    Great photos!

  3. Sandy that looks like the perfect last day of summer. I just can’t believe you didn’t invite you. It’s cause I didn’t nominate you for the Booker — non book award, I know it. And now I know what a scallop looks like sans sauce and sans price tag!

    • Elyse, even if you had nominated me for the Booker Award which you didn’t, but even if you had, I wouldn’t have invited you because it wasn’t my boat and the invention I received was not a plus one. If it had been a plus one invitation, YOU would have been my first choice for the plus one spot!!

  4. Loved your adventure! (and enjoyed the pictures, too) I would have bacon-wrapped those scallops and grilled them! mmmm….

  5. Only seen scallops on the plate – so thanks -the last pix is cool. Loved the underwater shots.
    When I saw the end of the second paragraph, I wasn’t sure if this was going to be a 3 hour tour with Gilligan! Glad you had a fun time and regularly scheduled return!

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