High Expectations For Limoncello Variation Expressed By Skinny Italian Chick

Much like any blockbuster movie, this is its sequel. And I didn’t wait a year or two to cash in. My last post was an acceptance speech for some blog awards and I was rewarded with many comments. Normally, I get a few comments, and that’s fine because I’m not the chattiest Cathy in the room, but this got a few more than normal comments. Most of the comments were some version of ‘you’re great at these acceptance speeches.’

And that’s nice, but it sets a high bar for the next awards that come in and that’s exactly what happened. The next awards came in. Oodles of them. So many, I can’t remember the exact number, but oodles. Now, some of the awards are repeat offenders as I have already received them at least once. But that doesn’t matter. What matters, is my expectations of your expectations of my next acceptance speech because I know I must be even more whatever I am that all those commenters said I was great at. And that’s a little bit of pressure.

Now, I’m normally a procrastinator, but I think procrastinating would add to the pressure because I know how I am. It would always be in the back of my mind, and that’s just no way to live, so I’m going to acknowledge the next awards that already came in (the oodles from the previous paragraph) very soon, hence this is the sequel to my last post. It only took me three paragraphs to get back to the topic established in the opening sentence of the opening paragraph, but back I got!

Back to the oodles. I told you it would be very soon. All of those oodles of awards came from just one guy. At least, I think he’s a he but he might be a she pretending to be a he, but I tend to think he’s a he. And I think this because of his name and some things on his blog. He has this widget of what he’s drinking and while a couple of the drinks sound a little girly (limoncello reminds me of that skinny Italian lady on the Food network), his top drink if I’m remembering correctly, and I just popped over to his blog so I can say I was remembering correctly, is a Black and Tan. Now, I think of that as a guy’s drink although I had one not long ago and I liked it and I’m not a guy, but I like Guinness , but it does sound like a guy drink.

Anyway, this guy contacted me and said he liked my stuff and he’d like to mention me on his blog and would that be okay? And I said sure. I thought he would say something on his blog along the lines of ‘I like this chick’s shit (I’m being him, because normally I don’t write like this. I do sometimes talk like this.) and maybe you’ll dig it, too.’ Apparently, I think this guy is living in 1978 although I know someone who was five years old in 1978 and he often refers to women as chicks so maybe it is still fairly common usage but it always makes me think of the 70’s. I have no reason to think he is living in 1978, but that’s just how it sounds in my head. But instead of saying “Hey, I like this chick’s shit and maybe you’ll dig it, too,” he’s saying “I’m giving you oodles of awards.” And he did it right after I published my last post.

“Yay!” I reply even though I’m dying inside because now I know I must exceed everyone’s expectations on my next award acceptance speech post. And I must do it soon. And now it’s soon and here we are. And this is all because of the oodles of awards I got from this guy. On the bright side, it did give me something to write about, because even though my mind is always thinking, sometimes I find it very hard to focus the thoughts to the point of writing to my own expectations of my ability so I just think I’ll give it a little while. So I guess there really is a cloud for every silver lining or a variation thereon, because much like it is very soon it’s also been a little while and I haven’t quite got to the point.

The point is gratitude which must be expressed in any award acceptance speech, so Mrmarymuthafuckingpoppins I am expressing my gratitude by saying “Thanks for the oodles of awards!” If you are offended by Mr’s name, then you will probably be offended by his blog. Of course, much probably offends you. If you’re like me, then not only are you practically perfect in every way, you also aren’t offended by his name so you will probably enjoy his blog. In any event, if you want the details on the oodles of awards I received and am so very thankful to have received, you will have to visit Aspoonfulofsuga which is the name of Mr’s blog to read the details. And while you’re there, take a look around the place. You might want to stop by every now and again.

So this concludes the sequel. I’m not sure it’s up to great movie sequel standards, although it had its moments. There have been mediocre and truly awful movie sequels, but there have also been some very good sequels: Godfather Part 2, Aliens, the second Terminator movie, The Bourne Supremacy, and the Bourne movie that’s out now with Jeremy Renner. I think my sequel falls somewhere between truly awful and very good, or maybe just good. It was a lot of hype to live up to. Oh, and the Dark Knight Rises was a good sequel although I think technically it was the final installment of a trilogy but I didn’t see Batman Begins which is the one I think began the trilogy that the Dark Knight Rises concluded. Oh, and the second Beverly Hills Cop movie was good and the second Lethal Weapon movie. But they never know when to stop and often the sequel to the sequel is not very good. But unlike them, I know when to stop and so I am.

Thanks for the oodles of awards, Mrmarymuthafuckingpoppins!

This isn’t an award picture but it is a picture from Saturday’s kayak trip on the Weeki Wachee river but I didn’t see any mermaids but they mostly hang out at the main springs and you can’t kayak up there. That’s Randy in the yellow kayak.

14 thoughts on “High Expectations For Limoncello Variation Expressed By Skinny Italian Chick

    • Thanks, H.E. I think you’ll enjoy Mr’s blog. The Weeki Wachee is my favorite river to kayak. The water is incredibly clear and it almost feels like I’m in a Tarzan movie for the upper 2/3’s of the river.

  1. I like your writing and sense of humor, and this blog is no exception. If we had to wait for the world to realize real talent when it hit the scene then we would be waiting forever. The least I can do is share your stuff with my readers. I have to go update my drink list too, thanks for the reminder

    • Thanks. I enjoy your blog as well so I am happy to send my motley crew (though I don’t know if they are musical) of readers your way. I look forward to seeing what’s new on your drink list.

    • I’ve never seen a top on amphetamines but I’m guessing it would be that Exorcist head turning thing but speeded up like when they do that time lapse photography thing showing an acorn growing into an oak tree in under a minute.

  2. Another excellent acceptance. builds on the first, revealing different facets of the character we’re following.
    Can’t wait for the trilogy!

    • It’s possible this was the trilogy or maybe the quadogy if that is the term that is given the fourth installment in a series. I haven’t kept track of the number of times I’ve done an acceptance speech. I may be half way to double digits. I’m a little over half way to triple digits in terms of life on the planet, at least in this incarnation, though I’m not sure what flowers have to do with anything.

    • The Weeki Wachee is real. It is also the home of the Weeki Wachee mermaid show. (My apologies for not responding sooner. Somehow I missed this comment along the way.)

  3. I was going to be a procrastinator, but I never got around to it. I miss two days, and you’ve posted three blogs. They all have oodles of good in them though.

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