Refrigerator Thought Tomato Fluffer Inappropriate But The Mouse Was Appreciative

Once again, I have received some awards though I’ve been a bit tardy in acknowledging at least two of the three. I think the ‘at least’ in the previous sentence is my way of minimizing my negligence in acknowledging said awards that weren’t acknowledged in a more timely time because least makes it seem like less than half when in fact it was really more than half. The lack of timely acknowledgement should not be taken as an indication of my lack of appreciation. It’s really more a case of I’ll eventually get around to it, but there is no sense of urgency.

There is no sense in some of the rules surrounding these blog awards so I tend to think of any rules attached to these awards as suggestions and as often happens with suggestions that are suggested to me, I ignore them. But I was cleaning out my old email from June, and yes, I know I should make better use of the delete key but then I would remember I got an award but not remember who gave it to me, so I keep those emails because I know I will eventually show my appreciation which is what I am doing now.

The first June award I ignored was the Sunshine Blog award I was awarded from FInally… Wendy Wanders. I think part of my reluctance in acknowledging this award was I wasn’t quite sure why I would get this.  My blog is more upbeat than down unless I am down and then I write mostly dark, depressing poetry that somehow touches people. But I haven’t been that down lately, so no sad poetry from me which I guess makes it more of a sunny upbeat blog, so I guess it all sort of fits. So thanks, Wendy Wanders, for bestowing the Sunshine Award on me.

It’s official – I’m sunny, though most everyone calls me sandy. They say it quietly hence the lack of a capital letter.

The next June award I ignored was the One Lovely Blog Award not to be confused with The One Lovely Blog Award because apparently there is not just one. I made up the “The One” part, but I think it added greatly to the opening of this paragraph. Anyway, Susartandfood awarded me the One Lovely Blog Award. I’m not sure if lovely refers to the appearance of the blog or the appearance of the writing. It is probably one of those. But it is lovely to get a lovely compliment and even lovelier to get a lovely award especially when that lovely award is the One Lovely Blog Award, so thank you Susartandfood.

This is supposed to have a white background but somehow I made it a lovely shade of blue. I like the blue better, I think.

And lastly, but not from June, I received the Twit Skyblogger Award from Edward Hotspur.

This is the most colorful award I’ve ever been awarded. I like how the greens and pink work together even though they only have blue in common. There is much we can learn from the greens and pinks in this world.

This is another award that I’m not sure why I was awarded it, but I do like the looks of it so thank you very much, Edward Hotspur. Since this is the most recent award I’ve been awarded, I decided to follow the suggestions since I remember what they are. The previous sentence is only partly true. I am toggling between the page where I am composing this composition and the page where I was awarded this award because frankly, my memory seems to be not what it used to be if I am remembering correctly.

Apparently, the only rule is to send Edward Hotspur $100. Sadly, Mr. Hotspur did not provide his true identity and accompanying financial institution information that would allow me to wire $100 to him, so I will have to go with door number two which is to complete a series of random tasks. I feel like Hercules, except for the random tasks things because his tasks may have had a specific order for reasons that are unclear to me.

1. Post a picture of something silly. Some people might find this embarrassing, but I consider silly pictures to be my specialty. I often post a picture of something mostly or totally unrelated to what I have written and then write a what I like to think of as quirky caption. Lately, I find myself enjoying the writing of the titles and the captions. It is an exercise in silliness that makes me giggle. So I am sure by the end of this post I will have posted a silly picture or a picture of something silly, though silly is in the eyes of the beholder. Much of what my eyes behold I find silly.

2. Tell everyone 5 things about yourself that are painfully embarrassing. Or tell everyone 5 things about other people you know. I must go with the latter because, and this is a little embarrassing, I really can’t remember any painfully embarrassing things about yourself which in this case is myself. I don’t know if this is due to age related memory decline or because I see no need to dwell on things that were, well, painful and embarrassing. But I do know some things about people I know so here are five things about other people I know: Deb has a thing for olives, but not in a twisted way. DJ has a thing for doxies, but again, not in a twisted way. Kim has a fear of flying but I managed to get her on a plane, not just once, but twice. Irmine is a fantastic cook and you have not lived if you have not been to one of her parties. I’ve been to two of her parties so I lived a double life. Zheila is a fabulous tango dancer or tanquera to those in the Argentine tango know. And I know, because I have seen her dance.

3. Tell everyone your favorite joke. This is a little embarrassing but I’m not much of a joke teller, but anytime I’m told to think of a joke I always think of this joke which I first heard on some record my parents had when I was a little kid. Some might think it is inappropriate but It made me laugh then and it still makes me laugh, though I don’t know why, though I can still hear the voice from the record telling that joke in my head. What did the tomato say to the refrigerator? Close the door, I’m dressing. I even laughed after I finished typing it. Not a loud laugh but a little laugh.

4. Drink something for a few hours, and then write a blog. This is a tad embarrassing but I already do this. I drink water all day long and always have a glass of water on the coffee table while I am writing. Sometimes there is another glass of something but I think it’s mostly the water talking when I’m writing. To prove my waterholic ways I’ve decided to post a silly picture of my glass of water.

The sharp eyed among you may have spied a Scooby Doo cartoon on in the background, but don’t let that distract you from the foreground for that is where the water glass can be found.  And this is embarrassing but the coffee table looks the way I think my mind might look if it could look like the coffee table – messy and cluttered but in a casually open way.

5) Finally, before you hit publish on your acceptance blog post, right click, hit ‘paste’, and paste whatever is in your buffer into the post. You must hit ‘publish’ after that, no matter what you just pasted. Again, this is embarrassing but I must confess that I am not very adept with technology. Technology frightens me and yet I blindly dive in, because I have to keep my eyes closed underwater if my contacts are in my eyes. But not only do I not know what a buffer is, though I know what a fluffer is and it is probably more interesting, I don’t know how to right click without a mouse. As you might recall, the mouse did not survive the encounter with the James Bond cat. So being mouseless qualifies as an excuse, at least it always worked to get out of Mrs. Knoop’s PE class, and I’m sure it applies here too, so consider me excused.

Even though it said ‘finally’ in the previous paragraph, he, being Mr. Hotspur, went on to say we should pass this award on to a few people. I think this is a splendid idea. And it has the added benefit of being something I can do. I have a few people who read this blog so if you are one of the few people who read this blog, consider yourself an awarded twit. You are now among the honored elite who have Twit Skyblogger Award miles that never seem to work but you will find a way to make it work and honor Mr. Hotspur by carrying on this new tradition of the award winning award he designed. I like the colors. You probably like something else, but we’re all twits flying the blogger skies and now we have the awards to prove it. You might think it silly, but silly is one of the things I like to behold and it makes me giggle.

It’s possible someone may have awarded me an award I have not acknowledged and no acknowledgement will be forthcoming. I blame my sporadic use of the delete key while visiting my mailbox or selective memory. It’s one of those. In any event it was not intentional and I am most appreciative of all awards and nods of approval that come my way.

Thanks so much!

27 thoughts on “Refrigerator Thought Tomato Fluffer Inappropriate But The Mouse Was Appreciative

  1. I hope you keep getting awards, just so I can enjoy your acceptances of them.
    And yes, a Sunshine award for being a bright shiny blog is definitely appropriate for you!

    • Thanks! The acceptance speeches are a challenge. There is a delicate balance somewhere between Sally Field and Marlon Brando that I strive to achieve, though I’d really like to be Bette Midler in that gold dress but I think she was giving out an Oscar and not accepting it, but I could be wrong about everything after “Thanks!”

  2. I accept your acceptance of the awarding of the award I awarded you as a reward for your rewarding award-winning word repository where a depository of composite stories reside inside while not trying to hide.

    • I acknowledge your acceptance of my acceptance of your award awarded to me as a reward for my rewarding award-winning weirdly witty wordy wanderings on topics that matter not. Thanks again, for the Twit Skyblogger Award! I really do like the colors!

  3. That is a terrible joke – I’ve just eaten a sandwich with tomato in it and now feel a touch of the Hannibal Lecter’s coming on. I will repeat this joke in the pub tonight and will be roundly condemned but will not care a jot! Well done on the awards.

    • A blog prom?? Might be fun. I didn’t go to my high school prom so this would be a first for me. I wonder who would be the best date to the blog prom or should I just go solo? What will the music be like? What will the theme be, although for bloggers, blog prom is the theme, but do we need a sub theme? H.E., I nominate you blog prom organizer!

      • Sweet! I totally accept the honor of blog prom organizer! I went to five in one year so I still have all my old dresses. Yikes. I just remembered I went to prom in 1990. Lots of glitter and gold. Time for new dresses.

        No dates- we need to go solo and keep our options open. I say we get El Guapo to pick the music, but Hotspur can be the singer. Did you hear EH sing in his blog post? He’s been holding out on us.

        Okay, I am putting my mind to work on this. We need to make this happen!

  4. I do like the awards that are on vote or merit, and not as a result of people being told to pass them on to X people. Of course, those former ones can start bunfights of pitched battle proportions with people getting hurt or miffed because they haven’t been nominated.

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