James Hiding Philosophy Notes In Pity Party Dress Taken For Joyce

[Writer’s note – The persons portrayed in this piece may be real or they may be figments of my imagination, though truth usually can be found somewhere in the middle unless truth is standing on the outside looking in or hiding in plain sight which is not only truth’s usual hiding place, but also the last place we look. However, in the cases where they might be representative of actual persons, names have been changed to protect the guilty. Innocent people don’t need as much protection in these cases of taken identity. I believe the opposite of mistaken is taken though I didn’t consult an antonym directory.]

[Writer’s note to previous note – I don’t think there is such a thing as an antonym directory.]

[Another writer’s note or rather another note from the same writer – I had no sublimal (that I am aware of, but then it wouldn’t be subliminal) subtext to my selection of names of the characters for this piece, although as soon as I decided on the second name, I thought of the writer, James Joyce. I am in no way equating my writing to his. I know he’s this great, yet inaccessible writer, but I’ve never read anything by him. I do have one of his books on my bookshelf (I have more than one shelf for books but liked the singular in this sentence), but I have yet to read it. The whole inaccessible thing is a bit off-putting, but one day I’ll read it. And even though I can meander on occasion, I think my writing is way less inaccessible than Mr. Joyce, though like I just wrote, I don’t know since I haven’t read anything by him. Those were just the first names that popped into my head.]

[Yet another note by the same writer – I’m using this post as my official party dress for The Hobbler’s pity party. These writer’s notes are pretty pitiful if pity can be pretty and apparently it can which is good for pity’s sake and self esteem. The rest of it, I’m sure, qualifies on some level.]

[An addendum to the previous writer’s note or the previous note of the same writer – Sure has an absolute quality to it but there wasn’t anything absolute in my assurance of pitiful qualification on some level. I think the only absolutes are zero and fabulous and I’m not at all clear on the absolute zero thing as I’m sure but not in an absolutely way that it involves math.]

[FInal writer’s note, though again it is the same writer – I would like to apologize for the rather lengthy prequel of writer’s notes, but someone recently told me I apologize too much, so I won’t. I just wanted you to know I thought about it.]

[I lied about the final note, but this really is the last note  – Since I’ve gone on a bit in the notes, and my actual post is at least as long as the notes, though I haven’t quite finished it, I’ve decided to break this in to two posts with the notes section being first and the actual post to follow. Following may not be immediate, but it will occur in a day or two or at some time in the future. I think soon is what I’m trying to say. You’ll be able to recognize it, the post not soon though it will be both, because it will feature James and Joyce but not James Joyce.]

[Seriously, you bought that whole this is the last note thing? Because it wasn’t, but this is the last writer’s note or the last note of a writer who is not last. At last!]


You’re too deep or maybe you just talk too much. Seriously, you tend to ramble and at first it was charming, but now it is annoying because it feels like I should be looking for hidden meaning in every word, though occasionally you say the most brilliant things. But it is a bit exhausting especially when you talk in your sleep, so I’ve decided to find a mime since a mime needs no words. Not to mention, I’ve noticed your infatuation with that young man, I think he’s some kind of artist, so I think it is best we part ways.


[Clearly, I rethought the whole break it into two parts thing as evidenced by this writer’s note. I realized the pitifully comic nature of my prequel of writer’s notes and my original James Joyce letter post was in a much more serious vein, so I decided to shorten it up and lighten it up and now I’ll shut up. Once again, I am employing the three up philosophy but not the usual three ups I employ when I’m philosophizing about the three ups. Those three ups might be revealed in a up and coming post, but don’t get your hopes up.]

When I’m not composing writer’s notes, I like to play Scrabble. Salient was one of my words!

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    • Agua! I don’t know how to say thank you in Irish or Gaelic or whatever it is that they speak when they’re not speaking English. I have recently begun to interject random Spanish words into my conversations – agua is my new favorite Spanish word, but it means water which somehow seemed inappropriate, but obviously, I used it anyway.

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  2. Very cool Sandy, although only somewhat pity party material. (Actually, there are no rules for that, so it qualifies, but unfortunately I will need to complain about it on my blog. Sorry about that.)

    Thanks for including my party in there.

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