The Melancholy Existence Of Upside Down Verbs In A Right Side Up State

I’ve been in a contemplative mood of late. Not a melancholy mood, just a contemplative mood. There is so much more to contemplate than there is to melancholiate. Melanchollate is not a real word. If it was a real word possibility, I think it would be appropriate to change the “y” to an “i” to verbalize melancholy if verbalize meant to change a word that is not a verb by nature into a natural verb.

Some words feel the need to experience life as a verb. It’s rumored there is a bit more action living life as a verb. But no one ever thinks of the intransitive nature of things, so they’re always surprised when their dreamed of verbal existence is lacking in objectives.

Reading the fine print is always a good idea. The finer the print, the more good the idea. And yes, I know better is a better choice in the preceding sentence, but there is such a thing as poetic license which can be used even though this bit of writing is more prosaic than poetic. I might not be using prosaic correctly and if I cared enough I would check on that, but the beauty of poetic license is caring about how the words sound when read aloud more than correct usage. If usage occasionally is correct, it it not intentional.

I just looked up the definition of prosaic so clearly I care more than I care to admit since I am admitting I cared enough to consult a dictionary. Having read the definition, it’s possible that not only was the prosaic usage correct, it was an unintentional and surprisingly accurate description of the the writing. However, readers should judge for themselves since it is also possible that in my contemplative state I am being a bit harsh in my prose assessment.

This bit of nonsense is not the contemplative sense I intended to write when I sat down to write. Writing is always easier for me in a sitting position, though sometimes I wish it was easier to write in a fully reclined position because I have some very interesting thoughts while in a fully reclined position. I need one of those astronaut pens that writes upside down while keeping the writing right side up.

Speaking of up, but not the movie version of that direction, it is time to wrap this up which sounds better than to end this. Wrapping up sounds more cheerful and giddily expectant than ending it. Ending it is just so final. But end I must, so end I am though I am not an end.


23 thoughts on “The Melancholy Existence Of Upside Down Verbs In A Right Side Up State

  1. Sandy, no matter how prosaic you try to be (are you ever pragmatic too?), your writing is always poetic, and a joy to read.

  2. Must contemplate this in recline (though not in decline)….So are action verbs blonds – like California girls in songs? And the others dark and melancholy? (no, many would say brunettes are anything but passive). Red would be transitive or intransitive? Just too much spin. Will wait until you begin again!

  3. I would like, if I may, to have your permission to usurp your usage of the word melancholy so that I may begin calling my disorder hyperactive-melancholative. It just seems that being manic-depressive would be more fun if it rhymed.

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