Sublimely Amazing Noise Dances Yonder Or How Springsteen Wrote A Song About Me (Sort Of)

My second glass of sangria which looks suspiciously like the first glass, except that the sangria is not the same as in the first glass because a glass of sangria doesn’t last forever.

If you take the first letter of the first five words of the title of this post and don’t rearrange them, you end up with sandy or SANDY if you are a capitalist. I’m sure a capitalist is someone who talks in all capital letters all the time, at least that’s how it sounds to me. Sandy is also the name of a song that Bruce Springsteen wrote about me though he tried to be subtle by putting me in parentheses.

The previous sentence is only partly true and the partly true part is the parenthetical part. He wrote the song before he knew me or I knew him though we never actually met. It was 1977 and I was in college and dating a very cute young man from New Jersey who happened to be a big Springsteen fan. Early on in our relationship though I don’t think anyone called relationships relationships back then, he told me my eyes were the color of a Springsteen song and before I could say that was too abstract even for me, he handed me a record album and told me to listen to it. That album was The Wild, The Innocent And The E Street Shuffle.

This proves that I still own the album mentioned in this post because those are my feet and if it appears that Bruce is sucking my toes then I accomplished what I set out to accomplish in this photo.

I don’t know what happened to that young man, but I still have that album. I only mention it at all, because on a blog I read this morning which happened to be a birthday wish celebration of moi (I’m feeling Miss Piggy again) my sista blogger had a video of John Travolta singing to Sandy (Olivia Newton John for those unaware) in Grease. I needed a way to start this post so I decided to relate an event that utilized another song called Sandy though that other song called Sandy is not the song’s actual title. The song’s title is 4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy). And you thought I was kidding about the parentheses. But parentheses or no parentheses, I still can say Bruce Springsteen wrote a song about me (sort of). See I can use parentheses, too, Bruce (he may be reading, or not, I can’t truly say since I don’t know him).

But all of this was a way to begin this post because I wasn’t planning on writing anything today because it’s my birthday and I should do whatever people do on their birthdays. Mine started with sex with another person which is always a treat since sex with myself is fairly predictable. Then I got blown away by a card another person (the same another person previously mentioned) surprised me with that was a quote from Winnie the Pooh: “It seems they had always been, and would always be friends. TIme could change much, but not that.”

A few minutes later, I was once again reminded of that quote. When I opened my email, I realized that five very dear blog friends wished me happy birthday by writing a blog post about my blog and linking to my blog. Again, I was blown away by this. I’m not sure which one was the organizer, but each of them took a letter of my name and wrote a post around it.

First up was El Guapo with the letter S. I don’t really remember when the Gaupster and I started following each other, but it seems like we always have. And everywhere I go in the Land of Blog, I see him. We seem to have quite a bit in common from a fondness for dancing on bars to similar philosophical leanings. He is über-supportive and so very creative. His posts often leave me breathless, not an easy feat, and always wanting more – again, not an easy feat, especially if we confine ourselves to the art of writing. Thank you, my friend.

El Guapo passed the blog to Kayjai who came up with quite a few A list adjectives to describe me though the one that stands out, but not in the rain, was awesome. I know I have ranted a bit on the awesome overuse of awesome as an adjective or adverb if you add “ly,” but Kayjai’s post was yet another awesome post from a wordy Canadian. She is also the president of Canadia. She runs like the wind and likes to relocate objects on desks in her office to freak out her co-workers or make them laugh. It’s one of those. But whichever one it is, thank you, Kayjai! You always make me smile!

Kayjai handed off to John at Trask Avenue. He so lucked out with the letter N and he did not disappoint. John was my first. He was the very first (and regular readers know how special very makes first) person to follow my blog. When I learned that he was following me, I felt compelled to read his most recent post which was a short story that blew me away. I signed up to get his posts in my email right away. He is an amazing writer who can make me laugh and cry but cry in a good way. He has been supportive every step of the way. Thank you, John, your tribute means so much to me.

John tossed the ball to Edward Hotspur who made the most of D in a delightful post. I found Mr. Hotspur through another blog friend, H.E. Ellis and am so glad that I did. He writes slice of life, short stories, poetry, song lyrics, and interactive blog adventures. He occasionally leaves obtuse comments. He has delighted me with pictures of the sky as it appears in Ohio. He has given me some advice both questionable and spot on (I kid about the questionable).  He is brilliant, funny, perplexing and steadfast and I am so fortunate to call him a blog friend. He is the Scarecrow to my Dorothy or Toto (it’s possible and sometimes difficult to tell the two apart unless one of them is singing about a rainbow) and I couldn’t hop skip down the yellow blog road without him. Thank you for scaring off the crows or dancing with me down the yellow blog road – both really – I can’t imagine doing it without you.

He kicked it over to Heellis or HEEllis or I know her real name but feel like I’m spilling a secret if I tell you so I won’t. She and I are sistas in the true meaning of the word if you truly  know what the word means and we are not ghetto dwellers or I”m not, she may be I’ve never met her but I don’t think she is and if she is, so what, that doesn’t matter. What matters is that she got the very first (again with the very first) awesome awesomesauciest awesome award of awesomeness that I created which doesn’t make it any less awesome . And as hard as it was for me to pretend to be a New Englander by dropping an er and adding an a although I didn’t think it was that hard. I’m on my second glass of sangria so everything is pretty easy right now. HE (I’m feeling like we should take a road trip and by we I mean HE and me) was my second follower and she is my sista! We have something special and yet I was still left awestruck by her post on the letter Y.

She may have hinted that she drew the short straw with the letter Y, but knowing Hellis the way I don’t know Hellis, I am sure she wanted Y from the get go. She is up for the Y challenge. She is THAT amazing! And she is a published author. And not just any published author, her book was great and I’m not the target demographic by a long shot. Thank you, HE! I was so very touched that you honored me with an amazing  post that may or may not have mentioned yaks or Yakima.

The rest of my day consisted of line dancing with lots of my favorite songs and ending with my most favoritist song and I don’t take favoritists lightly. And the only reason it ended with my most favoritist song is because I asked for that song to be played last. It is my birthday after all. Then I got a new phone and a new cell plan that will save me $35 a month – yay and thanks, Dex, for the tip! Then I stopped at the grocery store for groceries and I wanted something sweet for dessert so thanks to the bakery guy whose name I don’t remember but went out of his way to get me an eclair.

And once home, I went to the mailbox and retrieved a check for a little over $100 from Humana (thanks Obamacare), a card from Ronnie (thanks, my July sister), Jennifer (that card is so true and so you) and Deb. Deb’s card told me that I am the olive in the martini of life and her hand written note inside told me “you know that’s high praise from me.” Yes, I do know your (and my) love of olives and martinis and cosmopolitans, though not a lover of olives in cosmopolitans. I treasure our friendship, Deb, always.

Then I made a pitcher of sangria and I think I finally found something close to sangria nirvana. My recipe – a bottle of red, a generous half cup of cointreau, a splash of triple sec,   a heavy sprinkle of cinnamon, sliced apples and  sliced oranges – yum. Then I spilled sangria on my tee shirt. I shouldn’t wear white. Now, I am a truly naked writer.

Thanks to everyone for making me feel special, today. My 55th birthday is one I won’t soon forget and that is saying something because I forget things way too soon! Did I mention I’m 55 today?

33 thoughts on “Sublimely Amazing Noise Dances Yonder Or How Springsteen Wrote A Song About Me (Sort Of)

  1. Sandy,
    What a wonderful, perfect birthday. Virtual and real. Happy happy day.

    But not to bust your bubble, but Beethovan wrote a song for me. Before I was even a gleam in my father’s eye.

  2. Happy birthday to you! I’m not a fan of toe sucking, usually, but if I were, The Boss would be the first on the list allowed to do so.

    • Thanks, Twisterfish! i didn’t know I was a fan of toe sucking until I was the recipient of some toe sucking and it was enough to make my toes curl! I am now a fan.

  3. Happy Birthday, Sandy! Sounds like you had a great day– lots of blog love to go around.

  4. Oh my goodness, (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!) <——– thought I would celebrate with you by being a capitalist in parentheses with one of those goofy little arrow things for good measure. 😉

    Sounds like you had a beautiful day. Sex that is not with oneself is a good way to start ANY day, but birthday sex is the bestest. Also, I like you on sangria.

  5. Sounds like you had a great birthday all around! Can’t wait to hear about tomorrows encore.
    I’d finish by saying rock on, but I know you will, and I already wished you a happy birthday, so let me end by wishing you a happy 27th anniversary odd your 28th birthday!
    It’s an honor to virtually know you.

  6. So glad I could virtually participate in the occasion of your 55th birthday….I could virtually participate in the sangria drinking too…so I think I will after work. Or maybe on my lunch hour. Anywho, have a great day after your greatest day!

  7. You know me so well, Sandy. I did want the Y challenge from the beginning and yes, we definitely need to road trip. I have a very handsome Italian cousin named Matteo who lives in Key West and has a thing for smart, sassy blondes. I wonder who might fit that description? 🙂

    • Besides the two of us? I think Kayjai might fit the bill though she might be a tad over the height requirement! A road trip to the Keys with you would be a blast!

  8. Happy Birthday. The song wasn’t so fantastic, though. If your name was Georgia, you could have played Georgia on My Mind (my favorite). Or Sweet Georgia Brown (my second favorite).

    • Thanks, Bumba. Sandy isn’t for everyone, at least not the Bruce version. Georgia does seem to have some good songs to be in the title of. My favorite is Rainy Night In Georgia.

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