The Thunderous Sound Of The Reincarnation Of A Subtle Synonym

I’m sitting here having listened to the delicate sound of thunder, not the Pink Floyd kind, but the thunder kind. It started as the sound of distant thunder then gradually grew louder as the accompanying rain and wind came on the scene. The rain and wind moved on and the sound of thunder once more became distant.  But at its most thunderingly intense moments of thunderous thunder, delicate is not the word that would come to most minds.

I tend to associate delicate with fragile and thunder seems anything but fragile except that thunder is ethereal and harmless but does serve as a warning that lightning is not to be taken lightly. I suppose that subtle could be a synonym of fragile and I suppose this mostly because I thought it, then decided to check with The Google and found that agrees with my subtle fragile synonym theory. And you think I never do any research before I begin the process I like to think of as writing, because it feels like more than just typing, and it is if I do any brief research before I begin to type.

Now, there may be some of you who think that thunder is anything but subtle and I agree that those window rattling cracks of thunder that make you think you’ll find scorched earth from the lightening strike outside your window after the storm passes are not subtle. But I do think that there are so many subtle nuances in those resonate bass rumblings. Much like different drums have different sounds depending on their sizes and shapes, thunder’s percussionists blend many bass tones and timbres. Sometimes slow, low rumbles, sometimes loud sharp cracks and often, the loud sharp cracks flow into the slow low rumbles.

No matter if it is slow and low or sharp and loud, near or distant, whenever I hear thunder, actual thunder not the word thunder, though sometimes the word thunder has the same effect, I immediately think of two phrases: the sound of distant thunder and the delicate sound of thunder. I know that the latter phrase is due to the Pink Floyd connection because I am a fan of Pink Floyd and have seen The Delicate Sound of Thunder. I wasn’t at one of the concerts they filmed on that tour but I have seen the tour footage that became the movie and I saw it in the completed movie format.

But the other phrase is one that has been in my consciousness for a much longer time and I have no idea why. I don’t remember reading a book with that title, though perhaps I glimpsed such a book at some point in the early years of my existence on this planet or this incarnation since it is quite possible that I was here before and this is even more possible if the here before me was someone who believed in reincarnation because perhaps what makes our beliefs believable is that we believe so whatever we believe is what happens to us which might be why there are so many universes. But that might not be how it works. No one really knows and if they do, they can’t explain it in a way that convinces everyone that they are right and every other theory is wrong.

I don’t think reincarnation explains why a sound of distant thunder resides in my consciousness and feels it should remind me that it is there every time I hear thunder unless  perhaps I died in a thunderstorm in a previous life and then reincarnation makes perfect sense and I think it is perfectly acceptable to go with the explanation that makes perfect sense even if it sounds nonsensical. People do this every day and call it faith.

In yet another example of beginning with something and going somewhere unexpected then almost getting back to where you started to make the reader feel like they’ve come full circle when really they haven’t made it out of the maze because I’m still in that maze but need an ending, I need an ending. Sometimes I know how I will end before I start but this wasn’t one of those times. This is one of those times when I want to end but don’t know how to start the ending much less end the ending. So I’ll just say the words the end and that will end that. You won’t be able to hear me say the words, but I will. This is an example of that faith thing in action.

This is not a picture of thunder but I think it looks how thunder sounds.


22 thoughts on “The Thunderous Sound Of The Reincarnation Of A Subtle Synonym

    • Oddly enough, thunder never feels angry to me, but that might be because when I was very young I was told that thunder was the sound of angels bowling and I have never associated bowling with anger. But it does feel primordial.

      • I heard the angels bowling in heaven too! I think it is one of the more brilliant lies I was ever taught, because, like you, I was never scared of thunder.

  1. I love the low, rumbling thunder…I don’t know why but it is a comforting sound to me. As a child, our 2 story farmhouse had a tin roof and the sound of rumbling and the falling rain was so soothing. The loud, rattle the windows kind – not so much.

    Earlier we had, according to the weatherman, over 1,000 lightning strikes in 20 minutes down this way…it was pretty intense, and some of it was the kind that went UP the sky instead of down. A real light show

    • I’ve always found thunderstorms comforting, too. I suppose it has something to do with growing up in the lightning capital of the world. Watching lightning from the safety of a building is a fantastic show though it can be a bit disconcerting if you are caught outdoors in one.

  2. Oh yes, I SOOO love thunder, in all its incarnations (oops), from the oncoming rolling air sound to the houseshaking, windlow cracking sky shattering climaxes to the soft and tender memories of sound as it drifts away to play somewhere else…
    I totally see how this could cause you to not WANT to come to the end…
    lovely meanderings, sandylikeabeach…


  3. I love the sound of thunder, and find it peaceful, particularly when it is off in the distance.

    And picture is glorious — it looks like Maine.

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  6. From me to you a gift I normaly do not give, a simple “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” with no age jokes or sarcasm what so ever. Cause your just that special. Happy birthday Ms. Beach. How it’s glorious.

    • I so enjoy your sarcasm, HR. I once told a friend that I used to be very sarcastic and she said “What do you mean used to be, you still are.” Thank you so much for the birthday wish. It has been a most glorious day!

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