Lime Green Lovers With Double-Sided ESP Separated By Inertia

Glidden gets you going! Although I always thought overcoming inertia gets you going, but what I think and what the marketing gurus think are rarely sharing a taxi, or on the same bus. In fact, they don’t reside in the same town or universe. But that’s not important. What’s important is I was watching television and the first sentence of this paragraph was the end line of a commercial for house paint.

But right before that, I was looking over the titles on the freshly pressed page and one caught my eye so I clicked on it. The title was something about having an affair in the paint department of Home Depot or maybe it was flirting at the paint counter to get a discount, I mostly scanned the post so I may not have the facts right. But as I scanned the post, the photos of her repainted rooms scrolled up and I realized that was the color I had been imagining for the past couple of days. And it was like I had ESP except if I had ESP I could have predicted that I was going to be typing this, not to mention the whole series of random coincidences that linked my thinking about repainting the living room to seeing a Glidden paint commercial on the television just moments ago. A moment I felt should be immortalized in a blog post.

Currently, my little dwelling can proudly proclaim that there isn’t a white wall in the house. I don’t do white walls. The living and dining rooms sport multiple colors though I do only use one color on a wall so  multiple colors in this case means each wall is a different color. And the colors are soft pastels so it is a bit like being in a watercolor painting and looking out on the oil painting of lush green trees. My house is about five feet off the ground because it is so close to the water though you can’t see the water from here. The effect when you are in the house looking out the windows at the backyard is of being in a treehouse.

I last repainted this house eight or ten years ago so I think it could use touchup. That and I need to get around to repairing the three holes in the ceiling that occurred when lightening struck my cable box a year and a day ago. I’m a procrastinator. But if I remove the blue tape over the holes and patch the ceiling then I’ll have to paint the little patch and the paint won’t match so I’ll have to repaint the ceiling. So I figure if I patch the holes and repaint the ceilings, why not repaint the walls. And if I repaint the walls, what colors should I use this time.

So now I’m excited about painting though dreading painting the ceilings. I had been thinking that maybe I should go a bit bolder and employ the happy colors and combinations of colors of the Caribbean islands. Most of my furnishings are what I would call casual modern and the window treatments are white lace or black linen or black velvet so changing paint colors doesn’t necessitate buying new bedding or accent pillows or anything but the paint.

Except I have this idea for wall art that would entail the purchase of two or three boards, but that would be that. Except for some black semi-gloss black paint, but I wouldn’t need much to paint the two or three boards.  I have this fairly long expanse of wall in the living room and the only window on that wall is in the corner. And I was thinking I could put up this, well it’s hard to explain but I know what I see in my mind. If I can get it to work I’ll take a picture.

So the color I had been imagining for two of the living room walls and possibly two of the dining room walls is what I think of as turquoise blue but with a tiny bit more blue than green. The dining and living rooms share one long what I refer to as a back wall as it is a  wall that runs across the back of both rooms and has no windows and only one door. The two rooms are separated by a double-sided fireplace.  The wall opposite the shared wall previously mentioned is very little wall and lots of windows that look out on the backyard thus giving it that treehouse feel. And if you go to the post about hitting up the paint counter guy for your latest paint fix, you’ll see the color. I was tempted to leave a comment and ask her what the brand and name of the color was or just the mix code would work, but it didn’t appear that she was answering many or any comments, so I didn’t bother. I’m sure I can locate it in the paint department.

I haven’t quite decided what color I want to paint the other walls, but I do like the pretty mango-ey color DJ used in her kitchen, or if I could find the right shade of lime green and no if you stopped to look at the paint counter love affair post not that shade of lime green. I guess they mean the inside of a lime and not the outside because most limes I’ve seen are not the shade most people think of as lime green. But then neither is the inside of the lime but it is not the same color as the outside of the lime but it is probably closer to what people think of as lime green. Or maybe a pink, but I don’t want to feel like I”m in a yucky pink concoction for easing tummy troubles.

I have time to figure it out. I have to paint the ceilings first. And of course, before I paint the ceilings, I have to patch the holes in the ceiling. Which I am sure to get to very soon, though very soon is loosely defined.

29 thoughts on “Lime Green Lovers With Double-Sided ESP Separated By Inertia

  1. I love the idea of using Caribbean blues and greens. Very soothing. I know right away when I’ve chosen the wrong color because I get really moody and cranky. Choosing the right color is not an easy task. I think it happens best on a gut level.

    • Yes, the right color makes all the difference. I always go to the paint store and bring home lots of paint chips in the colors I’m leaning towards then I spend time going around seeing how the chips look next to other wall colors or furniture or counters and I also check different times of the day. But once the choice is made, I’m happy with it.

      • I really do like the colors you see everywhere in the Caribbean Islands. It just makes you feel good looking at such bright yet somewhat laid back colors. It is for me to look those colors and not feel happy, mon!

  2. I really like the idea of pastels and Caribbean colors. I saw a porch recently with the ceiling painted in a soft Caribbean blue, and when the sun bounced up onto it, it coated the whole porch in that beautiful blue.
    I’m sure the colors you choose will be even more spellbingind!

  3. I cant do white walls either – I grew up with them…my fav is my bedroom – plum walls & bedding etc in a sage green. The plum walls almost did me in though – when I first painted, it looked black until it dried completely & I had two days of “oh crap” !

  4. I love to paint, I just can’t get around to it. I have other things to do like reading blogs and eating chocolate and stuff. My life is full. Maybe tomorrow if it doesn’t rain and my favourite t-shirt is clean. Or not. I can’t decide.

        • I know, I know. I painted ceilings at a friend’s house last year and I had to stop for neck breaks quite often and every time I stopped I marveled at how Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel though he was laying on his back if my recollection of history is accurate. But still, it wasn’t easy which is why I always relax post painting with a glass of wine.

          • Yeah, good idea. Keep that bottle handy. I think Mikey had scaffolding to keep him close to that ceiling…lucky bastard.

  5. Rather u then me. I hate painting a house. But, i saw there is a new machine that works like a air compressor when spraying a car. It works with air and it sprays pain. So no mess with rollers and paint brushes and all that shit.

    • I haven’t because I don’t think I have the patience to get stripes level or accurately spaced or get the geometric shapes to take proper shape, so I tend to just paint the wall though I have done some special paint effects in the past blending a couple of colors, but I think I’ll stick to a single color on a wall. But I’m hoping my wall art idea will work. I described it to a friend last night and he seemed to think it would work and I think with me and someone helping will get it level. Something to ponder.

      • You can do it yourself with a nail and a chalk line. Paint the wall the lighter color all over, then chalk it up or pencil it up, then tape it up, then paint all over with the darker paint, wait about 30 minutes, then peel up the tape.

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