Random Procrastinating In Superfluous Deep Water Leaves Sayonara Clueless

So at last it is finally here! Although technically it already came and went a few days ago but I failed to take notice of its significance. It being the very first because first can only be very once anniversary of me taking electronic pen in fingers and tapping away whatever happens to come to mind. That version of it came a few days ago. However, today, which also coincides with America’s annual celebration of the signing of her Declaration of Independence, marks the first (I would have said very first but it can only be very once) anniversary of another first and that first being it and it being my very first (the very rule applies in this instance) published post on WordPress as sandylikeabeach. I choose not to capitalize in tribute to e.e. cummings.

I have chosen from a plethora (if plethora can mean more than one rather than an abundance) of options in what to call this day. Some of you may recall my earlier posts outlining my feelings about the merits of each made up word. Some of you may not care. I don’t really care because I am not able to recall the different options that I debated the merits of, but I do like the sound of Blogagirthery as it seems to combine the best of what I thought were my choices.

So Happy Blogagirthery to me or sandylikeabeach, we’re the same in that we both refuse to capitalize (though one of us may be making a political statement) in tribute to e.e. cummings, but different in I’m not quite sure who is writing this sandylikeabeach nonsensical in a sensical kind of way blog. I do know I am writing it but just how much of it is me and how much of it is imaginary me which you may recall from a few of my early posts is very difficult to discern. Although, imaginary me is a compilation of the me I used to be and the me I want to be. The best of both worlds, so to write. The edges of reality and imagination are starting to blur in an all too common surreal deja vous.

Now, if you’re wondering just what the previous paragraph meant. I’m right there with you. I’m wondering that, too. But I’m also thinking it sounded good and quite possible even though I’m not sure what it is about. But that it doesn’t matter. What matters is that no matter how many of us don’t have a clue of what the previous paragraph was about and no matter how many of those clueless paragraphs I write, there will be some reader somewhere along the way that will reference that paragraph in a weird comment that makes it sound like I have depth.

Now, I have swum (I’m not sure if swum is a real word but I like the way it sounds) in some deep water or more specifically, specific deep water because I knew where I was. It wasn’t random deep water. And occasionally, when playing in the surf, I’ll see that sandbar seemingly on the horizon and I”ll dare to swim out to it knowing that swimming through deep water was worth it because the sandbar will be shallow when I get there.  So here’s the thing about beaches and beach analogies. There may be deep water around but beaches tend to be shallow at both ends.

So I think we have established that I am not particularly deep except for those times when I am. But when I get one of those odd depth or just plain weird comments, I let the real me or sandylikeabeach I’m still unclear who is in charge out to play. And it is fun with it being the weirdly deep in the shallowest possible way comments I leave and it (the one I just explained) sounds like it should make sense and you want it to make sense so you start to believe that it does make sense until you begin the over-analytical analysis that leaves you certain that not only does it not make sense. Well, there isn’t any more, which makes not only superfluous. I could have typed the sentence before the sentence before this with three fewer words, though I’ve more than made up for that in this little digression.

I’m thinking of including some of my better weirdly deep comments because not everyone reads the comments especially if they are the early ones to read a post which is too bad because sometimes the comments are just as good or in my case much deeper than the actual post. But that would involve research and take away from time I haven’t started wasting but probably will. But if truth be told and occasionally it is told here, there aren’t that many comments to wade through. I thought I would continue with the beach theme or analogy or metaphor or simile though I’m not sure how many times I’ve used ‘like.’ So hang out here and I”ll be back because I’m writing this the day before you’re reading it if you are reading it on the day it is published which I plan on being the heretofore named day if you were paying attention.

I’m back though you probably didn’t think I was gone long enough to even notice I left. That is a space time continuum trick which means you are not reading over my shoulder as I type. And not only am I back, I have news of the good/bad variety. Good news is some of my weirdly deep nonsensical comments are just as good as whenever they were written so long ago last week or month. Month is probably more accurate. Bad news is I didn’t bring any of them back with me.

But there is more good/bad news. The good news is I got inspired by those comments to write a whole post about the comments. The bad news is I haven’t started that post and given my procrastinating tendencies there is a strong possibility that I never will. Of course, still more good/bad news. If you are not a fan of comments then it will be good news to hear that there won’t be a comment post anytime soon, but if you are a lover of the quirky oddly if not only occasionally deep comments then the same turn of events is what you might call bad news.

And much as I hate leaving on a down note, I will. Leaving on up notes is so much better. It is uplifting as you ride the arpeggio up the keyboard or down the neck of the guitar or wherever you are getting you’re notes from. But I haven’t been using notes and it probably shows. But I have an excuse today. It’s my Blogagirthery. The party is at the shallow end of the beach though we can swim out to the sandbar from time to time. Party on as only naked writers know how to do. And if you know how to do that, kindly leave a weirdly quirky deep comment letting the rest of us in on the secret but not The Secret because that has been done and if you don’t know how to do that, you may want to check back and read the comments. Play in the shallows or jump in the deep blue, the choice is up to you.

But before I say sayonara to this blogagirthery celebration, a huge thank you to all that read on a regular basis, and to all that stop by now and then, or maybe this was your first sandylikeabeach experience. It doesn’t matter. I thank each of you who read my little ponderings and wonderings and another giant thank you to those that subscribe and follow me upstream. You make all this blog stuff fun!

HaPpY 4tH oF JuLy!!

HaVe A bLaSt!!

Image from Wikimedia Commons.

24 thoughts on “Random Procrastinating In Superfluous Deep Water Leaves Sayonara Clueless

  1. Happy Blogagirthery, Sandy! Hope you have a great 4th of July as well. This comment is not quite deep, so I will wade around here in the shallow end…

  2. Can you believe our fireworks have been cancelled? How dare they, on your Blogeversary ! And an extra point for using the word “plethora”.

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